Please make growing plant fibre worth it

Creating compost by feeding plant fibre to a horse, it costs 3 plant fibre plus a bit of bark to create a seed, 2 plant fibre to create 10 dung, plus 5 plant fibre to combine with the dung to create 1 compost. So to create a seed and 1 compost, it costs 10 plant fibre. I then put them in the planter and am rewarded with 10 plant fibre. I have gained nothing. I have spent time and a bit of bark for no profit. Please make a seed produde at least 20 plant fibre when grown in planter.


If you can tell me which flower you farm and it doesn’t give you fiber too, then I may agree :wink:.

I suppose that by “farm” you mean “harvest with a sickle”. I have noticed that almost everything gives plant fibre when harvesting with a sickle.

If by “farm” you meant “growing in a planter” then that is not my experience. In my experience, growing in a planter only gives the plant for the seeds you planted. This is correct, and as expected. Just mentioning in case that is what you meant.

I see planters as an alternative to going out and harvesting with a sickle. Instead of making a sickle trip, I can plant some seeds, go out and do a dungeon or something, and when I get back my plants are ready.

Surely both alternatives should be viable, both sickle and planter? I’ve spent the knowledge points and significant resources making the planters. I’ve “played the game”. I’ve made a dedicated stable just for dung collection, I’ve made the compost. I think I deserve to be able to skip a few sickle runs because of that.

If we say that it doesn’t matter because plant fibre is easy to get with a sickle, are we not basically saying “Yes, plant fibre in planters is broken, use a sickle instead”? And if so, shouldn’t plant fibre in planters rather be fixed?

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Planters in Conan are not really meant to be alternatives to gathering, just rather supplementary. There is no plant you cannot gather in abundance in a fraction of the time it will take to grow, save for maybe grey lotus.

“Hey I gain nothing growing plant fiber,” is a fair point. But the time and energy it takes to consistently manage planters, compost heaps, a dryer is bizarre desire for arguably the most common resource in the game.

So really my question is just why?


Correct !

Tbh, when I started playing the game I was feeling the same way, I didn’t like the fact that fiber plantation was not beneficial. After a couple of months I learned the hard worker perk (old attribute system) and black blood tools, that literally gave me 50k fiber in 15 min, so I didn’t care a lot about seeds and fiber plantation anymore!
Then again, over 60% of NPC drops has fiber :man_shrugging: . Not to mention that 1 on 2 chests have fiber too.

I agree, but now I know and eventually you will too, that it’s not necessary to gain beneficial fiber plantation, it’s everywhere!
Keep your pots for more important plants.

My most beneficial farming is the leaving agent! I gain the ingredients I need for my pork feast and ten times more than leaving agent, fiber! Sickles are good, my favorite tool to be exact!

Closing, just because 4 years ago I was feeling the same way!

I believe that planting fiber should be different than all the other plants. Every pot with flowers should provide you fiber also, what I mean?
One seed of Grey lotus for example and one potent compost are giving you 5 lotus flowers, correct!? Imagine how cool it would be to gain 50 fiber too :wink:.

Honestly, I think it’s faster with the planter, that’s why.

Have a planter with a stack of seeds for each plant type you care about. Periodically dump a stack of compost in the planter and forget about it. When you need, reap the planter. Making compost, just periodically dump stacks of dung and plant fibre in.

Like if I need aloe, instead of going to find a plant with sickle, just go grab from the planter. Maybe dump another stack of seeds or compost in while I’m there. Then forget about it until I need again.

Planters are the “chests” for the plants you harvest when adventuring. Economically they are not worth it, exception being grey lotus.
Funcom could come up with some sort of farming system and cattle breeding, though. I doubt it would be my cup of tea, but I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it.

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I think the way it works now is intentional since day one not saying it would not be a nice alternative. We typically use planters for decorating. While you are gathering fiber all those extra flowers including fiber can be installed in a dryer to make seeds placed in fluid press and turned into oil that at one time was gathered differently and you need lots of oil to make EPIC gear. @short

But we were talking about plant fiber, not aloe. Neither one is faster than using a sickle, but plant fiber in particular is pretty resource intensive for something so easy to get.

It also takes a considerable amount of time to create large amounts of compost.

I’d also be curious to know what game stage you are at. That certainly could make a difference in the utility of the plantar. And I’m not necessarily arguing with you. I think the farming aspect of this game could use some attention for sure.

The only viable option is at least having a t3 alchemist. Oil stops being a problem the moment you get one. If people can’t find a t3 alchemist due to some rng craziness (in Sepermeru it’s almost impossible not getting one in a few attempts and the witch doctor on the summoning place is a frequent spawn), buying one is always possible at the buccaneers bay. If one chooses the Sepermeru option, those chests on top of the roofs give a good jump start in terms of thick leather and steel. The moment we hit 60, we will have already gathered enough materials to craft an epic armor if we hit a few bearers near the black galeon and the den to get alchemical paste.

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None of them. Growing any plant but plant fiber doesn’t give you plant fiber.


Why don’t you make compost with putrid meat? You can get tons of putrid meat harvesting undeads, or you may even put extra feral flesh into your compost heap together with plant fiber and bonemeal instead of throwing ot on the ground. It’s cheaper than dung.


I meant harvest and the op was sharper than you I guess my good friend :wink:!

Thank you for correcting me however :grin:. The hint to me about these things is useless and you know that, but thanks anyway, :+1:t6:.

@Ko6ka, true! Tbh I usually use all the meat I don’t need in the compost and let it slowly become putrid meat and compost in the end.
Do you know however how to create potent compost without blood?

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Because that recipe also takes the same amount of plant fiber.

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But blood is super easy to get. Just use a cleaver on humans, put their meat in the press and voilà, you have more blood than you can use. Raw ash is the delayer at early game, unless you are playing Siptah. But I remember a crazy dude who went to the volcano very early game just because he wanted to dye his armor white. I wonder who he was? :smile:


But getting dung from a horse requires extra plant fiber and putrid meat is free.


Besides we’re always getting excess meat. Just dump it in the composter and that’s it. No hassle.

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Main problem with potent compost is raw ash, not blood! Even on the Isle of Siptah you have to level up to kill Storm creatures. In EL raw ash is high-level material, just like star metal or black ice. It’s rather hard to get when you are at mid-levels, but you can get gallons of blood when you learn fluid press.

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You would be surprised at the level @stelagel goes to the vulcano, eating ice to control temperature, armed with a shoddy pick only to get raw ash. :smile: If you go through the hidden way, it’s easy. You have to deal with a few rocknoses, but that’s about it. As long as you get some food to keep you warm in the north and a little ice to cool you down on the volcano, and don’t go over your head, you can get raw ash early game. :wink:
On Siptah there’s a spot you climb before the storm, kill the creatures and harvest them after the storm passes. They can’t touch you. All you need is a bow and orbs. You can do this early game too.


Grey pools, statuettes :wink:. Make a round as soon as you go lvl 20, kill the Grey minibosses and the solo soldiers, farm extremely powerful weapons, even demi broken they do the job and farm statuettes! Before you understand it you are level 40 and you can summon the easy statuettes. Start with cho cho, it will give you a stupid follower that you can load him with your loot of demon blood, raw ash, black ice and brimstone.
There’s only on catch in this, don’t die! Every attack, every hit must count, they hit really hard and they can kill you in a heartbit in these levels with fiber armor! Grey pools are really rewarding for veterans of this game, they can help you grow in no time and I believe that devs balanced Siptah on this better than exile lands!

This was a habit for PvP! Raw ash is necessary first for midnight alchemy and then for white. In PvP even in low levels you need to change attributes!

As for blood, religion tools or skinning knife works really good too and they give more than simply blood!

But all these between us are silly, we don’t even have to talk about them, it’s not a conversation for us, what I asked @Ko6ka is if you know that you can create compost heap without blood! I accidentally learn it last year in a Siptah server. My compost run out of bone meal and it started creating potent compost from fiber, dunk, raw ash and compost. I accidentally learn it after 3 years gaming :rofl::rofl::rofl:. That’s why I asked :grin:.