Let me punch stuff

I love the hand to hand or unarmed attack animations in this game.

Can you give us a cestus weapon or something. Conan used them. Personally I feel like we have such a beautiful animation for unarmed and it’s a shame we cant use them.

So can we make this a thing. I think you would be very surprised at how many people would use this type of weapon.

Just keep the animation as it is. No need to change it. It is already perfect.


Maybe for a while. But reach is really important in hand-to-and combat, and with the lunging thrust attacks of daggers and swords, and the leaping attacks of maces and axes, and of course, the reach of a spear, the unarmed guy will inevitably be the first who gets hit, staggered and deaded.

Which is realistic, in a way.

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Punching camels daily eh?

I would like the idea of boxing gloves. In several private servers admins are organizing, pvp fights in arena, or horse fights. If we had something like this i am really sure that we would have boxing fights and it would be really cool. Even me that i hate pvp i would love to have a fight like this one.

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Cestus weapons could and should have the backflip. Sure the range would be less. But the stamina cost could also be less.

If the weapon offered a stagger or some sort of gimmick it could be quite viable.

I would give it the following:

Stagger on hit

Stamina reduction like blunt arrows have or blunt javelins have


These would be very effective weapons. And the fighting animation does have a good lunge already.

I don’t mind the idea of boxing gloves.

But Cestus weapons also had historically blades, spikes or other embellishments to give them more range. Not by a lot.

They were considered one of the most dangerous weapons in history.

Every weapon has a shortcoming.

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It could even have a bleed.

Considdering one of the most primitive version is just cloth, honey and broken glass. We have all of those crafting materials in game.

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