Cestus or other hand weapon

I am in love with the hand to hand/punching animations in this game. If it was feasible, I would use punching as my primary weapon.

Please, add a Cestus/Gauntlet weapon. You could even reuse the existing gloves if modeler resources are unavailable. Just make weapon versions of the armors.

It just seems a shame to put such cool fighting animations to waste, cast aside in a couple journey steps.
Hikari :slight_smile:


Awesome idea! :+1:t2: The only time I’ve punched anything was by mistake :joy: They could add cestus, punch daggers and those Japanese things that look like Wolverine’s claws. Plus weighted gloves for KOing thralls.

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I died, lost all my stuff. Respawned down in the desert. I was level 60, and I punched and kicked my way home. It was a blast.

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Reminds me of the time of how I had to go back into the Jungle biome for my stuff off my body due to death by gorillas.

Cool idea, I would really like to see this implemented.
It would add some variety to the combat.

Brass knuckles wouldn’t even have to be as powerful as daggers for me to use them. Combat is easy enough as is that this would be an excellent addition for those cool animations. Great suggestion!

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