Let’s remove grind from game

Biggest problem this game is grind funcom trying make servers more lag free but problem is grind that makes people want to give up.

Remove most thralls t1 to t4
Add better system 1 threw 20

I don’t know pve would hate this I don’t see knocking Liam with 500 hp and then putting in wheel he gets 3k hp.

All name thralls max 20 with decent stats no rng of negative. But they would have 6 to 7 k or higher hp and have hard time being knocked out.

Lvl 1 thrall be like name thrall at lvl 0.

This would making snow pain to farm since they can most likely kill your thrall by them selves.

This would be hunting lot harder but over all be better

Crafting thralls will gain exp on crafting can lvl into t4

I got 8 thralls that are lvl 20 thralls greater wheel pain.

So if you get raided lose 20 thralls you can get them back.

Resources tools to weapon and etc should be 50% cheaper, so t3 station should be 100% cheaper.

How bombs should work different being cheaper make only one be placed at time multiple will not add more damage. Plus you have to have contested claim to land to place it.

Make new station that adds contested to claim territory where it prevents building on clan. It’s hp low and it would be considered follower so it’s building won’t get protection from outside pvp time.

Rules it can’t be built on you own land claim and once place down it prevents anyone from building in that area, other then trebs and bombs

Let’s remove game from game

Just start level 60

Creative mode building


Play single-player, use the admin console.

There, grind gone.

This certainly doesn’t sound like it would be abused to hell and back.


I actually like the content of the OP…title needs work though.

I would also say instead of seeing crafters as T1-T4 you see them 1-20 with every level doing something. For instance, at various levels you could have weapon buffs, mats and time reductions, durability increases and stat buffs with level 20 being the final crafter master.

More thoughts. Combat thralls could all start out at the t1 level as described by the OP (I always thought that was odd as well…you have 500 hp and now you have 3000 just because) and level up . Now the type of thrall taken dictates the perks available. They would need to divy up the perks to the various races in conan.

I could make a case that levels 1-59 are actually relatively pointless. But not because of any grind. There’s just literally no point to anything before level 60. Its a problem many games have that utilize leveling. Its an artificial timesink.

I will say this though, the OP isn’t correct on the resources and thrall training. The purpose of gathering resources and training thralls is to get people OUT of their bases and into the world. This is where they will encounter other players.

Encountering players is the whole point to multiplayer. In PVE, you can see each other, show off your stuff, make friends, and all that. In PVP well you can do the same as you do in PVP and then wreck each other :grin:


I once suggested that you start at level 60. The perks are recipes scattered throughout camps. Meaning you have to learn and explore to have them available to use like we do now. Feats could have been tied to farming xp, combat xp, etc. you earn those and spend like we do now to unlock tiers. Way more immersive to learn a perk in lemurian camps for accuracy, or str in the mounds etc.

Its similar to an idea I had where Attribute and Feat points were earned from Journey Steps instead of Levels.

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It would also allow fornyhe whole map to have equal balance as far as NPC difficulty. And on pvp, it closes the gap to only being the perks and weapons of an OG player vs a new arrival. Imagine the sandstorm actually being a threat. Ince you get to level 20-25, it is more of anoyance. And for mostvthat is 2-3 hours in. Imagine even at 60 with all your perks the sandstorm forced you to wear a sandstorm mask. Right now, thay mask is only good for noxious gas of brim lake or pvp poison arrows

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I don’t disagree in some respects, the grind is a necessary barrier in some (such as building grind, bomb grind etc) totally unnecessary in others-specific thrall RNG grind for pvp level gear.

Take for instance the zath priest theres pretty much one viable spawn in exile lands (forget the sanctuary its way too shared with other chosen t4’s) so you have one spawn location really and that is shared by mitra arch priests, lets assume theres 2 as I dont have the numbers right now, now its a 1.5% chance spawn rate for a T4, and if you want the T4 with the weapon damage for the zathite spears you have a 1 in 2 chance on exile lands of getting that, now I believe the standard respawn is once every 15 minutes.

so to summerize our odds are 1.5 in 100 for a t4, and then even achieving that 1 in 2 chance of getting the priest of the religion you want, and then finally a 1 in 2 chance of getting the type you want and you can enjoy rolling these dice every 15 minutes if you can stay on and control the spawn.

the grind is insane.

I think we should separate RNG from other sorts of grinding. As I said before, some ‘grind’ is necessary to get players out of their bases. Farming stone, iron, and wood is a grind, but one that we can agree isn’t terribly bad.

Let’s be honest, we KNOW how much we need to do to build a structure (unless we’re building aimlessly, which some of us do). But we know how much material we need and how much stone, fiber, resin, wood, iron, brimstone, and tar we’ll need to make that happen. Which makes it more or less accessible.

RNG is a whole other ballgame.

I’ve done play throughs where I’ve found named craftsman at level 9 and had to have a buddy kite them while I built some stuff to get 10 so I could put a wheel of pain down. And then I’ve farmed for a few days getting a named armorer. Its weird and not fun when it isn’t going in your favor. And chances are, it won’t.

Siptah is a whole other level of RNG where you could literally not see a specific recipe in thousands of hours.

But let’s put Raskhaul’s numbers into perceptive. In 2000 minutes (or about 33 hours and 20 minutes) you have a 50% chance of finding what you need. In 66 hours and 40 minutes you have a 75% chance. A 25% chance of taking nearly 70 hours of play time to get the priest you want.

By the way, I think his numbers are overestimating. So it could be worse. But I haven’t exactly checked the Zath spawns.

I said a while back that the thrall tier system needed a rework. Basically a normalization of thralls. So all Tier 1s are equal to all Tier 1s and same for Tier 2 and 3 and 4 (their stats would differ based on tribe to give variety and specialization). In return for doing this, the areas you obtain these thralls are set.

For example, you wouldn’t find 3s and 4s in any noob areas. You’d only be able to find them in harder areas. And you’d need to be really prepared to face their camps. T4s would have a greater chance to spawn (maybe 1-5 or even better, or in some cases set spawns), but their difficulty would be much higher.

Not only would the areas be harder due to better fighters and more chances of groups of them. But the environment would require specialized gear as well. Grabbing a T4 Heirs of the North would likely require some of the best cold resist. Where T4 Darfari would require wearing some of the best heat resist.

What this does is allows us to have a natural progression through the Tiers. We don’t try for a jackpot of easy Lemurians with only 300hp each where we can easily take them at level 10. We gotta hit up some T1s to make some gear good enough for the T2s and so forth. Since a T3 with 1000hp and doing 80 damage a hit with a one handed weapon and buddies would clean your clock… or not if you’re crazy enough. Risk vs reward is a thing after all.

Since this would require a bit of a revamp of camps, might as well give the religions their own areas. So we’re not hunting through mitra priests to get a rando zath.

RNG on recipes could be replaced or supplemented by a mechanic where you spend more resources to get the recipe you want. Like say you want a specific pattern from the Library of Esoterics. Instead of getting a random broken bottle dagger recipe for the 10th time, you could spend 5 fragments to get the one you’re looking for.

Instead of 50 eldarium for a weapon recipe that’s random, you could spend 500 for the one you want. Things of that nature.

Still have effort, still have work. And well its still a grind, but you have an achievable goal, you can measure your progress. You know what you need to do to move forward. Its all in the players’ hands.

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Plus I am more arguing for cheaper mats not faster resources the game is slowing turning this way

T3 bs now has ability save iron 5 times, all I am asking put that across the board

Plus’s I think they really don’t switch camps around just make t1- T20

This would force use progession need grab exile to capture defarian then grab low tier cinarian to be able capture Liam

Without t4 bs this would very challenging but once things in place it just cut out lvl out.

It’s a nice idea. But it’s just as nice the way it is. If FC left it as is I would be satisfied. If FC changed it to something like you describe I would be just as satisfied. No difference - except now I wouldn’t trust FC as much - changing their minds in the middle of the game - and, of course, I would have to recognize and learn the new ways.

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