Let us name our thralls!

We are soon going to be able to name our skeletons, frost giants etc, just why can we still not name our thralls? “Prevent trolling” is a languable excuse as people can already do that with pet naming


Interesting idea however, I can see how that would be mused already lol.

TL;DR - Thralls derive from human class. Frost Giants, Undead derive from the pet class. Can’t change human class - nothing in Conan Exiles is retro-active without a script.

Naming is an accepted idea, so I believe the road-block is technical in nature.

Consider this. The classic thralls are customizeable and pre-existing. You cannot just tack a new function on to them, because nothing in Conan Exiles seems to be “retroactive”. They have to run a script to change each item of the same type for it to be retroactive, if there is a change. THis explains why modded Crom Blades still have 127 damage, as oppossed to 93.

And there might be a danger of this change wiping our pre-existing thralls. There might also be a performance issue with having grand-fathered (non-retro-active) thrals pre-existing with new thralls.

New pets and the incoming frost giants and undead “thralls” cannot have their gear changed, but can have name-changes, therefore they are all of the “pet” type.

I don’t think “pet” and “thrall” types are even the same class…

I think the thrall class derives off the player class (which can be customized but no name change)
and the pet class derives off the NPC animals class. (which cannot be customized, but have name change)

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Well, when trying to place a fighter to close to a pet rhino, it give the message that you are trying to place too close to another thrall.

Regardless, I can’t imagine it would be all that hard to allow the modification of a non use string of characters. Even the addition of a new line of input for the description. Come on.

TL;DR - C++ is ridiculousy complicated. It’s extremely inflexible. They like the idea, so they would have already implemented it, if it were easy.

Recently F76 added the ability to rename individual items in one’s inventory.

It’s clientside only, meaning if you trade that item, it will revert to it’s original name.

Having a client side ItemID/ThrallID dictionary that is read and write but monodirectional could be a solution? Nobody else could see your names but… nyeah.

In C++ you have to manually manage the memory size of everything. Adding a new data set to a class sends quite a large ripple effect through the data management of the entire class, from which many other classes derive from… it’d imagine it to be a nightmare.

And it will have to be done this way because the server has to know about it, and broadcast it to everyone else.

It’s easier to design something from the ground up in C++, than it is to change something everything else relies on…

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Besides, if you have problems like people being able to Hijack your land claim to refresh their decay timers, or use dismantling benches to create valuable materials 10 fold, then … renaming thralls kind of becomes the least of your concerns in the jury-rig department, especially if the said jury-rig requires alot more effort than fixing the hard bugs themselves.

I feel like CE is a clusterfrak that deserves dedication non the less. Like the firstborn, whome the parents had to make all their mistakes on. You do not just toss the failure. You keep at it, even if it feels like a lost cause.

Thrall renaming will come… but there’s lots of work to be done yet, before they can dedicate the time to that.


let us dress our thralls…


Hm… Imagine the furniture had an armor inventory like the player does. And whatever the bench “wears” is what the thrall occupying the furniture will wear. When picked up, the armor equipped by the bench will transfer to the player.

This system can be prototyped by an armor stand?


Since it is possible on PC with a mod to rename thralls (at least for multiplayer games, in singleplayer it seems to work differently), I’d assume it can be done.

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I’ve always championed the Fashionista mod as an example for the implementation of a vanity slot, but was informed that it causes performance issues.

I wonder if that re-naming mods implementation could have the same issue?

Don’t have any performance issues with Fashionist from Testerle. But the mod which makes naming of Thralls possible is the mod „better Thralls“ from Testerle, which also doesn’t make any performance issues.

They’re both in use on the server I play on and I never had performance issues, but that may be different when lots of people are in the same place.
But we also restrict the number of thralls and pets a player can have, so with without the restriction it may have an impact on performance.

I think it’s an avenue definitely worth exploring for FunCom eventually (the same goes for vanity slots).

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