Let's get 2 new thrall orders added: lethal and knockout

With the thrall orders we can do on the love we currently have return, move, stop and attack.

It sucks seeing the juicy thrall you want wade into combat and get killed when your thrall only has a weapon equipped, i think if we added lethal and knock out to the thrall orders it would help a lot.

this way you can keep a truncheon and a weapon on your thrall at all times and order them which one to use during combat instead of hoping you can drag your thrall out of combat before they kill the thrall you want, just a suggestion but would definently help :+1:


Yeah this would be great.

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Yea I’ve wanted something like this for a while now :wink:

I usually just set my thrall to attack nothing before I head into a camp so I can pick and choose who they kill. It’s not a perfect workaround as sometimes the thrall your trying to knockout ends up in the firing line anyway and gets squished. Also if you get killed than your fighter just stands there not defending themselves till you get back which often leads to death. This option would be great.

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