Let's get a hairdresser in Flotsam!

This may have been covered before but I’d really like a hairdresser merchant in Flotsam so we can change our character in a small way… Maybe add some new hairdos as well with a DLC along with some clothing options beyond the innkeeper stuff (which I was glad to see btw). I would pay even more money for a dlc that let me have a tailor/hairdresser thrall at a station (like a fitting platform with fabric draped around it) and at the cost of dyes and material let us create outfits with minimal flexibility, but that’s probably asking too much.


Agreed, a barber/hairdresser in some of the non-hostile areas (Sepermeru, parts of Flotsam) would be a great addition. Changing make-up, hair & bear style, and even shaving our pits would all be welcome additions. (Never see hairy pits on women in any of the Boris Valejo or Frank Frazetta artwork, so still mystified why Funcom did otherwise in Exiles.)


Yes. The hairy pits are quite disgusting.


Just as long as they can do makeup. I kinda went overboard on the eyeliner. #bluegoth


Funcom ist a shining example of body positivity :wink:


Last time i check we are on conan… The barbarian… Not Gerald of Rivia. However i like you and i will agree on this desire as long as you promise me that your next one will not be for nail job.

Conan would have occasion to tie back his hair in a pony tail when he anticipated much axe swinging… mascara on the other hand doesn’t sound like him…

Oh c’mon, after a long day of chopping people’s heads off, taking slaves, and slaughtering animals for their meat and skin, who doesn’t want to relax and get a mani/pedi once in a while?


A good cat eye is always in style :smile_cat:


Upvoted. I always envisioned a Barber in Sepermeru myself, but I will take any incarnation of it at this point. How many times have we as a community asked for this over the last year and a half now…!? I have honestly lost count, same with Armour Display Manequinns. And they are so popular too, just look at the number of likes in the thread below. Devs please, PLEASE add them in.

Also a shinning example of body exaggera…I mean enthusiasm. But please do not think Im complaining here. Its all about creating our own fun and gaming experiences.

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I would really appreciate the mannequins too. Could easily be themed in the same dlc. Fashions of Flotsam or The Sartorial Sepermeru…

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To LostlnTim :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, u rock thank u

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And thank Crom for that!

I dont remmember how many threats I opened asking about a customization option in game that is not a mod. Hopefully some of those requests will be addressed! At least changing hair lets you renew the character look a little.
Also, I aways end up using the same hairstyle because I know there is no way to change it.

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