Let's talk about CAVES, Baby 🎶

It’s looking more and more like we need some actual clarification of the rules. :scroll:

For PvP there are clearly only a couple really viable places for large clan establishments. They also happen to be “pass-through” corridors. The Cold Crevice and The Cliffside Gateway near the Black Galleon.

Both of these places function as tunnels for a lot of players. Sure there are others, but I won’t go into them as they have things in them you shouldn’t obstruct. I personally love cave bases, and have always been inclined to them for PvP.

Will my Cave Base (that claims a tunnel and a “chimney”) get me banned? :hammer:


While it is not explicitly stated here in the ToC, guidelines and procedures you can probably guess that:
image would mean blocking pathway.

Having been someone who was suspended for blocking pathway, it is certainly under their banner of reasons for adminwipe and suspension. Staring at the email right now… this was a rare time where I’ve seen an actual explanation when requesting further details from Zendesk.

So yes, I agree, it should be clarified and made absolutely clear.

This is part of why many of us having been raising our voices.


I love cave bases, too. I wish there were more large caves like The Crevice in the game (large clan size cave bases).


I don’t think anyone can/will answer this with any kind of authority. Players can’t because we are, all, still trying to understand the specifics of where that line between ToS breach and creative play is and FC won’t because there are too many other variables in play that players can do to say you would be safe to build there (each report is a case by case event).

I will provide my opinion of it.

We have precedent that the Crevice is a taboo area and if we do trust that the player built everything in reg with ToS then we are left with the map marker was blocked and therefore you were blocking ingame content so unfortunately this means that the crevice is probably not a base location anymore.

Now the tunnel connecting the ravine top between Savannah and the Black Galleon has no marker, IIR so by that aspect, it should be safe to build there. Yes you may get reported on but the question is whether another players’ inconvenience is a ToS issue is one where I hope the FC staff tosses out these reports. But as I said before, there are too many other factors in each build to say if you build there you are safe. The location maybe safe but what you do with it may not be.


Caves have something different, that is true :blush:. I love the ice caves under the pilgrimage, it has frozen people in walls and it makes a unique atmosphere :rofl::rofl::rofl:, you are not alone you know :crazy_face:. Another reason I loved exile lands more than Siptah!
Sorry for the off topic @Barnes, I hope nothing will ban you ever :wink:


I think the cold crevice has one thing in favor of it being against the ToS. It is a named location and blocking it would prevent completing the journey step. HOWEVER it is such a natural place to build a base I think it would be a shame. It screams “build inside me”… err wait.


Funcom should just create a “hillscape” a player can place and then build in. They should be reasonably small, and provide an extreme HP buffer. The benefit of placing and building inside one of these structures is that they would offer immunity to fire and other siege type damage, except for at their entrance.

Basically a placeable hobbit home, that benches can then be placed in. With a doorway that can be customized for example. Might even help cut down on server load if more players mained their bases in things like this.

Or make a large “hill” that a player can then delete blocks out of to create a “custom cave”. They can then build within it. It’s just reverse building, and then building within said reverse building.

Caves would be a lot of fun to build in.

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I would like that too, but it comes at a cost. We have a buildable cabin in SCUM, that when destroyed makes all your chests and placeables within evaporate. Yikes. Talk about ruined through best intentions.

My favorite place is Icespire Chasm, especially if you build the chimney and the main claim in an interconnected way. The problem is it’s just too easy to break into.

One of the best features is that big, beautiful open window out onto the mountains. When it was first unlocked as Frozen North dropped, I looked at it like a big Starship Enterprise view screen. Of course my clanmates instantly sealed it up with the most gaudy of textures. Oh well. When you’re willing to die for a view.

A base is buildable in the Cold Crevice without blocking the path, without blocking the location found spawner and without blocking the 3 Little Pigs spawn.

Hi every1
Errmmm… did i miss something? we are not allowed to build inside caves (tonnels\passes) anymore?
I played official PVP server… and all my building blocks suddenly dissapeared during play (base just failed to render when i getting close). I thought it was a bug (desync or some decay reset glitch…) or it was deleted because of the issue?
And if we are not allowed to build in such places devs must put block zone around (like obeliscs and etc).

I believe that they let every area to be builded in pvp, because the last sentence “dominate” is only for pvp actually! Then, even in pvp, this direction had a lot of issues and brought a lot complaints here, since this game has huge pve progress for someone to be competitive to others! So the easiest solution for me, that it isn’t easy apparently, was not to allow building in places that caused complaints!
This isn’t easy because in this player base a lot of people find “fun” blocking and applying a form of domination with this mechanism. So people who lost this “fun” will start complaining now… Chaos :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
So they left it on players which again is not the best!
However we have to understand the responsibility of gaming, all of us! Participating in public areas each player should act like it’s proper showing respect to the terrain and others! Manors are neccecity in each public area gaming or park. In real life we have fines in game we have bans. You can go and throw all the beer cans you want, let your dog poo everywhere and destroy all the flowers you want IN YOUR OWN YARD. In a public place YOU CAN’T! So players must understand what public server is and behave accordingly!
The greatest “omg” in this case is that this game has over 95% reference to adults! It should be easier for people to understand these “so simple things”.
People who act like jerks in public servers may be very important persons in real life and this makes me scratch my head sometimes :man_shrugging:.
Yet there is always a “say” I read when I was a yougling and I still remember it.
People in working times are who they must be!
People in fun time are exactly who they are!


I thought this topic was going to be about how there are a lot more little tiny caves and crevices on EL than there used to be. Has anyone else noticed this. Or am I crazy? I have three caches already in little cracks I swear didn’t used to be there.


What do you think about the deserters gutter

It would also be lovely to be able to dig/tunnel.
But that’s extremely unrealistic game wise.
Despite how realistic it is for historical fortification accuracy.

As for building in caves, that’s likely ok.
But blocking tunnels, very likely to get the banhammer if reported.
Of course, any build too close to a marker on the map is a dice roll.


I’m imagining “dig spam” as the new “foundation spam”…


Depends! Playing on big clans and in servers that gods are activated, want it or not you will create your own marker in the map, you can’t have bubble without tier 3 Altair. For solo gaming, caves are good for some days, just to “hide” if possible, gather your self and go!
Caves (and ruins) may seem cool but they can be easily become wipe traps, total wipe actually, there for I would never invest in a cave for main base.
My main logic in pvp is nothing less than 30X30 and at least 3 foundations high before I start building the rest up. This way it would be very difficult for others to know the terrain gaps, unless they know the territory really well or pure luck, to allow them to find my hidden back up.
YES, I know, I start a base with no less than 3k foundations on the ground, yet, this is it, if you are going to pvp, prepare for endless grinding.

Note. 30X30 is a really small base!


On servers we usually codename that one “The Pretty Lady.” You basically hole up inside her womb.

Like the Keyhole, this one will get you noticed very quickly. I think it’s really viable and the access is very good.

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