Level 30 vitality perk

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: America

Was the level 30 vitality perk nerfed?
The health regeneration is now so slow, it’s almost useless now. it seems to regenerate at 1/3 the speed that it did yesterday.

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Vitality perk gives 1h/s that regen what you consider as vitality is actually a bug which will be fixed with next patch

So what your saying is the level 30 perch is to work super slow?
I would get into a boss fight, health starts to get low, back out of the fight so your health would build then go back to it. Now it don’t matter if I back out it replenishes so slow it’s not worth taking the perk. Potions don’t work in a fight, bandages don’t wok in a fight, leaves you with no options. Only one person is gets the key from a boss so grouping isn’t an option. It makes it beyond difficult. What option is left.

The lvl 30 perk was way overpowered because of the bug and made the game easymode. 1hps still helps and adds to whatever food or other healing item you use.