Level Cap Schedule: 2 weeks at each stop?

I generally like the new level cap shedule. But I feel like the time spent at each stop could be adjusted a little bit.
Leveling from 75->100 takes significantly less time than 150->175, which in turn takes significantly less time than 175->200 (not yet sure how long we will get to stay at lvl 200 though)…

What do you guys think?

For reference, see this chart (and remember that the Y-axis is logarithmic):

(source: https://www.ao-universe.com/guides/classic-ao/gameplay-guides-6/xpsk-charts)


i’m taking calculus 1 and we’re learning about logs :slight_smile:


I’ll sum it up for you: right now we have 8 horisontal lines up to the top value. If the chart was linear, aka each line representing 5000 xp. We would instead get 10 million horistontal lines up to the top value, so the chart would become a little longer. :sweat_smile:

I believe these things :

  • until yesterday, they made up the schedule on-the-fly
  • they are blissfully unaware that expansions are more than “more content at level cap”
  • they felt pressure to come up with a milestone (level 200) for the anniversary

There are some masochists out there who have been calling for RK only/ RK to 200, this move is probably aimed to satisfy them.

Worst case scenario they need to release Shadowlands at the 100 cap. I really wish it was already released. They did say details on expansions would be TBD, which doesn’t mean after the 200 cap in my mind. Hopefully, it’s soon.

I’d love to go in SL too, as soon as possible. It wasnt fun when it was firstly released, because most of the players had to counter gray mods for long time while doing Keys and stuff there.

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I think that geometric or even logarithmic increases in exp requirements as a function of level is pretty much standard in most level-based games I’ve played.

It’s the opportunity to earn exp that determines how long it will take you gain the next level. That is, if the exp earned increase was equivalent to the exp required increase, then it wouldn’t take you longer to get from 75 to 100 than 175-200.

Obviously, that’s not the case in AO. SL only partially mitigated that, hence the dailies and doja chip quests.

My guess is that the AO devs don’t expect the average player to reach 200 by the anniversary event, but rather are trying to mollify players chafing at the caps, since the level cap schedule basically makes the level caps irrelevant for most of us since after a month or so, most of us won’t reach them.

I’m ok with that.

Yes, you are right of coure. But good data on how much XP is required versus how much can be aquired at each lvl is hard to find :pensive:

But the point is that lvl 75-100 takes maybe 1-2 hours of grinding in a good team. While lvl 175-200 takes probably closer to 30 hours.

I missed the point. I understand the non-linearity of exp gained vs. exp required in AO.

I’ve re-read your posts, and I think the salient part is this:

That is, what is it exactly that you’re suggesting?

I’m suggesting that the time spent at each lvl cap should somehow reflect the time needed to lvl to that cap.
For example,
Take away 1 week from the lvl 75 and 125 caps.
And add 1 week at lvl 150 and 200 caps instead.
This would make more sense to me at least.

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SL should already have been released. And I have no intent or desire to play AO without SL. So I’m currently not playing any more.

I jumped into RK2019 believing there was a great plan behind it and dumped about 220 USD into 2 one year subs. In hindsight that was stupid but entirely because of the nostalgic feeling I have for AO.


I think they should stop RK2019 at level 150/175 and release SL/AI over the rest of the year.

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Gotcha, I agree with that.