My idea of a level cap/release schedule

I want to propose a level cap increase and expansion release schedule. Please, when replying, include exactly WHAT you would change and WHY.

03/08/19 Level 20 (where we currently are)
03/15/19 Level 30
03/29/19 Level 45
04/12/19 Level 60 and Notum Wars
05/10/19 Level 75
05/24/19 Level 100 and Shadowlands
06/07/19 Level 125
06/21/19 Level 150 and Alien Invasion
07/19/19 Level 175 and Lost Eden
08/16/19 Level 200 (Maybe Lost Eden here instead)
08/30/19 Level 210
09/13/19 Level 220 and Legacy of the Xan

Now, this level cap is designed especially to highlight specific level ranges for content and expansions.

Level 60 Notum Wars unlock encourages low level PVP especially at a time where crazy twinking doesn’t really exist. People are on a more level playing field and people will be more likely to participate even if they are a more casual player.

Level 100 Shadowlands unlock will allow players to still use nascense for travel (a lot of people won’t use ely portals due to creds) and leveling alts. It forces players to stop at Schoel and actually participate in content, team up to get keys, etc. Shadowlands at these lower levels will encourage eventual ado missions, pen missions, etc instead of only inf missions once you hit 160. RK content will still be used to get creds and gear that has been introduced there since expansions.

Level 150 Alien Invasion release will encourage people to team and use sector 10, the first AI playfield. It also encourages teaming to do city raids in the few cities we’ll be able to afford at that time, This gives players time to “catch up” on their AI levels and experience the AI content together without rushing forward or having 1000 options of things to do.

Level 175 or 200 Lost Eden unlock will give people a reason to continue teaming even when the leveling has slowed down significantly, and give the players that want to put in the time and effort a slight advantage over more casual players, while still allowing casual players to be participating in the same content. So people are doing the same “xp/leveling content”, just for different reasons. Again, encourages teaming and the content.

Level 220 Legacy of the Xan unlock makes sense because the content there is flat out endgame content. It has no place before 220, and once everyone is 220, it will be easier to form teams to do this content, etc.

Leave your comments and questions below. As I said, if you want to propose changes, please include the exact changes and WHY. Also, keep in mind that the dates are fine to be stretched out if we decide we are really liking a level range or people are having a hard time getting to the level cap. Thanks!


I think this is pretty spot on, i would just stretch out shadowlands another month and then AI another month so ya have 2 month on each before progressing. But the levels make sense, its not a classic server its progression, and it is only 12 months aswell so can’t be waiting too long to release expansions.

People seem to forget the impact economy and availability of items such as inferno boots and AI armor has today, making AO main server a single player game basically rushing past everything… That wont be a problem on this server if it’s lifespan is just 12 months so i see no point in waiting to long for expansions.

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Nooooooooooooooooooope. Why release a CLASSIC server if you release SL before 200? Seems LITERALLY useless. NW and AI makes sense, that doesn’t really remove from the RK experience, simply adds to it. SL adds an ENTIRE NEW WORLD TO PLAY IN FROM LEVEL 1 TO 200! Literally ignorant if they released SL before 200.


Simply, because this isn’t a “classic server”. This is, and has been since the start, referred to as a “progression server”. SL is progression, and my schedule has a reasonable rate of progression.

and your schedule would divide the entire population, which is what they aren’t going for. Introducing SL to the fold would triple the available playfield…I guess some people want ghostlands?

This schedule promotes teaming in specific areas at specific times, with significant milestones set with a month between cap changes. This in no way “divides the population”. Holding SL back until 200+ just leaves the entirety of SL unexplored by low level characters, how is that more “fair”? People should have the choice where/how to level. There is enough population that getting some other places to level wouldn’t be the end of the world anyway. 17 GS’s of subway isn’t useful if you can only have a 6 person team.

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Besides the fact that they want to keep the community together as a group. Release SL and no one will be in RK anymore. This is fact. Please, argue that one…the only people leveling in RK on live are froobs… SL is superior in every way. If they release SL, might as well remove RK.

People will still go to RK to make money/ farm dynas and do raids. It won’t divide the population at all.

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The current population couldn’t possibly all level in one place in SL. People will utilize RK, and paid people did utilize RK when the population supported teaming, etc. The live population (when it was high enough to support teaming) had paid teams in subway, totw, and foremans. The only other dungeons there are is COH, which is just not a leveling dungeon. While it can be used for leveling, it obviously isn’t meant for that. IS is not reasonably doable at 125 with froob characters. So releasing SL at level 100 doesn’t really take away from froob content.

Froob “endgame” content will still be done as needed for loot. Mercs, HI, etc was still done on live server(again, when the population was higher) when characters needed loot. Granted the loot wasn’t needed often, but this wasn’t because of SL items. This was because of AI armor and people anticipating endgame armor at 220 they just skipped over the froob content. That will still be very good armor at 150-200 even with SL unlocked.

Releasing shadowlands provides options, and RK doesn’t provide enough content after level 100(froobs are meant to have upgraded by then, the froob program was not meant for people to stay froob forever, it was meant to entice people to pay for the game).