Level of Commitment compared to other "Projects"

Perhaps this was said, somewhere and at some time, but I must ask what the plan is and level of commitment to Conan Exiles now that new projects have been waved as a checkered flag. Should expect less support than before? Perhaps game drop for future endeavors? This isn’t me pointing a finger at FUNCOM. After 1k hours committed I’m curious were this game is heading.

Do you mean the two projects out of the Norway office that don’t have any dates on them yet and haven’t entered any type of development stage other then “they’ll come someday?” I wouldn’t be too worried about those just yet as far as how they impact Conan Exiles.

If you mean projects that have actual release dates, such as Mutant Road to Eden, those are being produced by Funcom, not developed. What that means is Funcom supplies funding to another developer company while that developer company does all the work. It’s a pretty standard practice in the industry to do this. Bungee back in the day, for example, did this with Microsoft.

I don’t have any firm dates for you on when Conan Exiles will see it’s final patch. I do know that there are several things the Conan Exiles dev team will be, and want to complete before the final whistle for development is blown. It’s been a long day for me, so I’ll let somebody else throw the list of things still to come, or I’ll do it tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

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