Level required to kill bosses

Hi everyone! I’m playing Solo Mode and I’m currently at level 55. Is it normal that I can’t beat any bosses!? I have hardened steel gear and I do think I’m good at combat, but I just can’t kill any boss creature. What level do I have to reach to be able to kill the big monsters?


It is possible at your level and with hardened steel. It will just take a long time. This is especially true if you have not invested in strength. The locust queens and the demon spider are the easiest to solo.

It can be done at lvl 10 I have done it it just takes forever. The fastest way at low level is farm grease orbs and some demon fire .build a pin kite it into the pin and close off the open side once it’s locked in just cook it to death. You can also build a small spire say 5 high and climb up and use a bow with set arrows.

Spec almost all attribute points into Strength and Grit and the fight should take an estimated 15 minutes against a White Dragon.

Bosses can be killed on any level, it just takes longer.

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