Life is bark na na nana na

O.K! so! I’ve been playing on official, pve server #1513, from the release. I build big. I created my house, among some other things. I beat the content…all the fancy bosses and dungeons. What is there left for me now? To create more! Build more! While waiting for new content. AWESOME…I have few projects in mind! Lets do it! (and then i remember the countless hours…upon hours …AND hours of grind…bark!..I try to move my thought, to something pleasant, like the double Ds of our new recruit…but NO…the nausea! uhhhhhh…aghhh…it’s overwhelming! The bark! I need more…bark…

I’ve seen the bark guides, guys. They are awesome for new players, or players that don’t build big…chop chop dead trees…quick 400ish bark! If you live close to dead tree area (or if someone didn’t build on it already) but i need…ppl like me need! …more bark.


:zombie: baaaarkk


it is quite impressive that my avatar/character is to stupid to even get 1 bark out of a tree most of the time… I know the pickaxe helps but still… you should be drowning in bark mot of the time!

I am guessing the issue is not having enough fuel for the dryer and/or tannery … the easiest coding solution to this is to permit these workshops to burn more than one fuel type. As far as I’ve seen most workshops have multiple fuel options but not these two.


Forgive me for my puny attempt to refer to something like logic here , but I agree it’s kinda illogical to use bark in the first place. Yes, bark may be differ in how it glows and burns, but also do different type of wood. And fibre. And sticks. You got the point.
Of course, this is just one of many strange inconsistencies we face in this game (though not gamebraking or frusttrating, just weird).

When we all get the power
we all have the bark
every minute of an hour
Just think about the bark…


I’ve seen quite a few resolutions to this issue. Personally, id like to see wood shavings/scobs added as a alternative fuel source for dryers/tannery, or as my guildie, Sparklenips suggested, branch would be a very reasonable fuel for those stations mentioned above (easy to code as well)…id be happy to see anything , ANYTHING to resolve this bottleneck problem

Art is a clan mate of mine, and he isnt playing dude builds BIG. i would like to see either the bark gathering rate increased or maybe be able to use something like branches as a substitute

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It would be fine if the drier just burnt bark more slowly. It chews through it soooo fast and I’m sure it lasts longer in the tannery. Being able to use branches would be awesome… I have 2 chests full just sitting around doing nothing.

I’m sorry your new recruits double d’s aren’t magical enough to drown out the desperation caused by bark farming Art. Maybe take a naked bearer with you when you go farming? Or ask Sparklenips for one of his best dancers to accompany you?


I get 170 Bark per minute on official with an obsidian pick upgraded with the efficiency kit.

PS. Use a dagger on dead trees.

I understand that you mean official pvp (2x gathering rates).

PvE have 1x, so half the income. You probably gather at the Dirgewood or north of it. Bear in mind that there aren’t many high enough density tree areas for your income of bark, so that harvesting you speak about is not something that everyone can achieve, unless they had their base at the mid and North western part of the map.

Bark is a problem and it has always been, the dryer has no thrall to reduce bark consumption and it’s also used to get tar at the tannery.

Simple solution? Adding crooked knifes as a specialised tool for bark or making lumberjack axes gather 50% wood 25% bark and 25% branch per swing. After all, pickaxe is steel Tier and it is not enough (acheronian or obsidian pick gathers more bark than pickaxe…,)

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i saw different modders resolving the issue by creating a bi-product. Example, shaped wood, giving as bi-product the desired bark. Of course can be else. You got the idea.

But i agree that bark should not be as rare as it is now, and it should be more easy to get than dry wood or other products made out of wood.


It wont solve for you, or the problem itself but it solved for me or at least I managed to avoid it. Leave the north and retire the hatchet.
Result? Every time I need wood i end up farming tons of bark too by using pick all the time. Avoiding the north i end up not needing insulated wood that much. For someone that know how to build big, reinforced stone( the other t3) is not that hard to build.

i like the north, and have mostly my mainbase there, but of course i love also set-up an outpost in the desert, when i need some sun, and sandstorm more.

Heck Bark should be a byproduct of making shaped wood if we’re being honest.


That is a great idea, having shaped wood giving bark when it is treated :smiley:

That might actually be a really nice way of getting all the collected wood in my wood vault used… haha… there is so damn much wood in that thing! :laughing: Now people know why i have a vault outside :rofl:

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a solution i use is having a “Bark / Drywood” base near The Den, and unamed city.
i currently use an archerian(sp?) pick for it. on x1 i currently get around 10-12 bark per hit, each dead tree have about 4-5 hits in them. in under 10 minuttes i have about 1300 bark and 150 dry wood from The Den.

I then move on to the Unnamed city where i roughly get the same. once done there and unloaded, trees is close to respawned in The Den.

Do this for an hour, and you will have so much bark that you could fill a vault. :wink:
i currently have a fishing base in the oasis where i get oil from, 8 dryers and 4 carpenters benches. after i did this, then insulated wood is the least of my worries.

but i agree. bark as a by product would be epic!

Have the devs ever actually seen a tree? Its quite literally. covered
in bark.