Light armor rolls animation ignore all sources of damage is OP

What about we should be able to hit someone who is in light armor roll animation ?

I think this should solve a lot of problems regarding pvp because those light armour rolls are juste to OP.

Curent state of light rolls : 1) Performe a quick and long distance roll (Fine).
2) Instantly reset your weapon animation (Fine).
3) ignore all sources of damage while you are in roll animation (Insainly OP
like wtf)

Conclusion : curent light rolls give you the ability to control a fight and that is perfecly fine, but on top
of that, you also ignore all damage sources while your in roll animation (even if your
opponent properly hit you) at the end you are more ‘‘tanky’’ then heavy or
medium armor user …

Solutions : 1) player in light roll animation can be hit (light armor still would be good in combat)

                2) player have % of chance to ignore damage in light roll aniamtion (could be interesting)

Are you serious ? Why do you think someone makes rolls during fights ? IT IS TO NOT BEING HIT AND NOT TAKE DAMAGE ! I use light armour exactly for that : the roll that prevent me losing health. That isn’t possible with a medium armour, except with the agility perk 4.

To avoid being HIT by being out of range and not to be immune to all incoming damage. Like if your opponent get you with his attack (and you are rolling but you still in range ) you can see the blood on you but you take no damage … OP af

Like you say, it is to not being HIT by being out of range of his incoming attack right ? The thing is even he hit you, you still take no damage because you are in roll animation.

If you roll in to a sword or other weapon, then you should still get damage. The roll should be a move used to get out of the way of a weapon not be immune to them! That makes no sense.

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But you aren’t hit. What you refuse to understand is that it isn’t because the attack animation looks like you’re hit that for the software running the game you aren’t hit.

Then the issue is de sync and that should be fixed! or they need to nerf the roll so this does not happen.

All dodges give i-frames but medium has fewer than light and heavy has an almost nonexistent amount

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They said in the last stream combat is getting changes because of mounted combat, so they won’t change nothing til there. Lets wait and see how it goes, then we cry for balance. :crossed_fingers:

You get me wrong, Long distance and fast rolls are perfecly fine, the problem is you cant recive damage when you are in the roll animation event if your oppoment properly hit you.

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