Light Source other than Handheld

I haven’t played in a few months, and noticed several updates have come through in that time.

Have they implemented some kind of light source you can carry other than via a hand?

So you can explore the dark depths while still using a sword and shield. I know the one shield you can spawn looks to be that, but wasn’t functional when I viewed it in single player.

There also Shield, and Hammer that glows as light sources.

A helmet with glowing crystal be nice or belt… it make climbing in dark more fun. XD

Sadly, nothing for climbing…

The shield might be the one that was in it back when I played. It was able to spawn, but no light when holding it up. It had a spot for a torch in the front of it.

I have an legendary ax called Moonglimmer that casts light. Plus with Jhebbal Sag there are night vision potions, although I’m not a fan personally.

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