Light spell feedback

The age of sorcery update has been amazing. A couple things i feel needs improvement ate the Light spells do not last long enough especially since it costs a burlap pouch to cast. I never use it because any time I would use it I would have to recast it at least 5 times where I can just use a torch. Make the light spell last at least 5 to 10 min if not the same duration as a torch. The other thing I found incredibly disappointing was the summon mount. I never use them because they dont last forever and they are weak in comparison to a tamed mount especially since they cant have saddles. By the time you upgrade your sorcery to have mounts you can already have a horse with a saddle which is better than the summon mounts. The summon mounts are only good for trolling other players by letting them go hostile near their bases. I would suggest making them stronger, faster, and more durable. Give players a reason to use them. Other than these I enjoy all the rest of the sorcery update. This was an awesome update.

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I believe the purpose of the summoned mounts is that they’re expendable and thus perfect for one-way fast trips etc.
You’re not meant to have them as your go-to regular mount… but there are a LOT of uses for it, you just have to use your imagination…

Example: You went to the other side of the map to farm something… you forgot your bedroll and died… your horse and thrall are there next to your corpse and you want to get back to them fast. - use temporary summoned mount then just leave it there when you switch to the real one.

Example2: You want to go do some PvP without losing your normal mount to the enemy

Example3: You want to farm something heavy on the other side of the map (idk… star metal maybe!)… You have an encumbrance build, but you’d still like to do it super fast without walking there and back…
You can use a temporary summoned horse to go there quick… mine all the star metal… remove bracelet and spawn at your base then use the other spell to summon your corpse with all the star metal :stuck_out_tongue: not having to worry about the horse.

Etc etc… bottom line… it serves a purpose and there are various creative uses

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In example 1 I would just do the same thing you said to do in example 3 and use summon corpse. Mount and thrall would come back to base eventually. Meaning I still dont need the summon mount. Now in example 2 you bring up a good point about pvp and not having to lose a mount. Still the issue arises that they are very weak and will die very quickly. So even in PvP if you went to raid someones base you would most likely lose the mount and lets say you win out and complete the raid you would still have to go back to base to grab another mount just to be able to carry the stuff from their base. Additionally the summoned mounts need to be leveled. Now they do level fast but they have no base stats and only get stats from the perks. They should be like zombies and be an immediate lvl 20. Although since they have no base stats they will still be very weak regardless of the perks they get. I never use the summon mounts I was just giving a suggestion for it to have a better use. The main thing I would like changed is the duration on the light spells. The duration feels too short.

No, that example was for a scenario when you actually want to get back to your follower and mount to continue whatever you were doing before dying :stuck_out_tongue: - and set a bedroll that time around.

Yea, but so are regular horses after the update, if you take them to PvP and actually plan to fight with them, they’ll probably die just as fast. Personally I’d never take some level 20 horse to PvP after the nerf they got :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea I agree with this :slight_smile:
In any case regarding the horse, I was just trying to point out that there are some uses and it’s nice to have the spell. While the situations where it would’ve been useful weren’t that many… but a couple of times even pre-3.0 I really wished I had a temporary horse so I guess it fills that gap.

Yup, I agree on that point, hence why I didn’t say anything - the brightness of it could also use a tiny bump.
I attempted to use the spell in the jhil caves on EL in the north, since those are completely dark and I wanted to use a shield to block their wing knockdown ability so a torch was out of the question… I gave it a really fair shot, but they were close to useless… even if I used it immediately prior to engaging the boss it wouldn’t even last till the end of the fight so it was more frustrating than useful.

I would settle for a duration increase. If they wanted to increase the brightness I wouldnt argue. Would be nice, but the main thing I would like to see is a duration increase. Way to short right now. I have thoroughly enjoyed this update. I would like to see a future update where more weapons get added to the summon weapons maybe. But I have enjoyed using the maul and abyssal armor. Oh and I would like to be able to shut the zombies up. Holy smokes their grunts are loud and annoying.

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The light spells are a waste of time considering how little they last. They should last as much as a normal torch, (ie. 20 minutes) unless the player disables it somehow.

Light spells could last forever and not be worth casting.

Duration they have doesn’t bother me, its the range of the light they emit.

Agree with other posters that light duration and brightness needs to be increased. Should be at least on par with glowstick torch.

I don’t think the animations permit carrying a torch while spell casting, so unless you have jebal s night vision, the floating light is it.

An alternative to increasing the brightness would be to add nightvision with the extended duration floating light (while it is active). This might be inline with the corruption sorcery entails, where your vision is altered into the demonic range while the light is active.

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