Lighting issues that mirror those from the PC discussion

Game mode:[ Single-player]*
Type of issue: [ Performance ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ USA ]
Hardware: [ PS4 pro running on a 4K HDR television]

Bug Description:

The latest update leaves the Exiled Lands washed out. Gamma adjustment required each time I switch ecosystems.

Expected Behavior:

Gamma adjustments should not be required in order to see the action as I move around the map.

Steps to Reproduce:

*As you enter the map after the update, you note that it’s much bright than before. After adjusting the Gamma down to at or near the lowest setting, you see that it is hard to see anything even partially shadowed because it is nearly black. Each time you transition into a new ecosystem or gasp enter a cave, the gamma setting has to be adjusted or you cannot see anything. *

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