Limiting foundation amount per player

There is an apparently unlimited foundations availability when building. One just has to visit some servers to realize that most players make borgs, many of then completely consisting of foundations. I think this is atmosphere breaking, and could easily be corrected by limiting number of placeable foundations per player. That measure would also encourage to build in height, and to accept players in existing clans. If it is complemented with a range of land claiming according to the height of the building, or a proportion between foundations amount and height, servers would look quite better, and raids would be probably more balanced.

You can literally build an entire large base without a single foundation. My siptah builds are like that. I don’t think limiting foundations will equal smaller builds. Though I do agree, most are pretty ugly. Though I prefer the stone brick foundations to the stone brick ceilings. They feel more cohesive.

Take away foundations and you gonna have the same boxes just with multilayered walls.

If you want to see aesthetically appealing buildings then you have to make it safe to build them, which mean no raiding and no purging.

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