Limit of foundations per player

example. 1-player = 100 foundations you can place
a 10 player class 1000 foundations


Limits are evil.

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No thank you.

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which suggests for the abusive placement of foundations by the map

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Yeah no thanks. My clans base is easily 30-40 foundations per player.

no thanks go to private if wanting this.

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I created a 11x15 settlement with just a 4x5 house, crafting benches, walkways, some chests, a 3x3 garden and a patrol path around. So I also have to loose my small base on my local game because you have bad guys on public/demo servers ?

Limiting resources will never limit bad behaviour just the number of them while annoying everybody else. It’s like pushing the whole school because the teacher of one class doesn’t want to punish the student who made “something bad”.


This is just barely big enough to house all of the benches and essentials (5x9 foundations just for the house, not including the front porch). It would take 70 foundations just for the taming pen.

That wasn’t enough so I built this yesterday in a x1 server. :wink:

Now that is big enough, but I still need to add an area for a pen/altar and the map room will fit on top of the giant cylinder building where the workbenches/throne room are. This is around 300 foundations so far.


Lol, what a bad idea! Limit it to 100 foundations? You do know what that would do, right? We’d have 10x1O skyscrapers all over the place!

Really bad idea. Just, no!

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This would kill about 90% of all constructions on the server i play on. Pass.

Blow the foundations up.

I’ve seen people use no foundations at all. They use columns all over, underneath ceiling tiles, and you can’t tell the difference. It would easily work around a foundation limit.

when speaking in 100 foundations per player was an example but this value would be increased with the increase of the cl if each player could produce a limit of 100 foundations a cl of 10 could make 1000 foundations all the rest would have no limit.

I get where you are going with this, but as a builder this is just not a good idea to me. PvP, PvE, Public, Private, Official servers, nobody should be limited in their creations. I get that people abuse the system, but I prefer that then to tell somebody that the grand city in their head that they desire to make can’t be done because of artificial limitations.

could be optional as there are PVE servers exist servers with these restrictions

Perhaps a better solution to the whole problem of the “Decay umbilicals” would just be make them obsolete… (As in make decay reset for all of our structures if we log in and stop by one of our structures every once in a while… )

As for a limit, I’d have gone with more of a “Soft limit” based on land claimed as opposed to number of foundations or pillars placed… (And by soft limit I was thinking more along the lines of if you expand too much you can get raided even on PvE…)

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Why? That sounds like garbage. Are you going to limit pillars too? Limiting foundations will just make people build with pillars.

No thanks.
If its lag that is the concern, I’d prefer that they optimize the game better or upgrade the official servers rather than severely nerfing one of the major selling points and major reasons people bought this game.

If I was going to limit the footprint any single player could occupy I would limit the total space they could claim. Big houses wouldn’t be a problem but salting the earth with foundations would be more difficult.

Any such limits would have a toggle in server settings.

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