People Blocking 95% of the Map (Many Servers) - We need an Solution - Limit Foundations?

Translating from portuguese:

“Dravk: at 1976 there are 2 alpha guilds that toke 95% of the map,
they spammed foundations there to nobody builds, trust me i have 800 hours and i know there”

The guy just gave up from his server because of people ruining the map
(this photo is on 1975)

We need an solution for that,

We were already speaking about this on my another topic

Because this problem is still going on at alot of servers,

But people just attacks you at personal side to make an admin close the thread, easy to do that, as we can see, seems that they dont want it to happens, few people wants the map all for themselves,

we have something very wrong going on at this game, and the staff is not seeing it

@Melcom @Ignasi


I will keep posting map abusings here, without awnsering those who wants all the map for themselves

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Panther Spawns?

no, there is not anymore here

(1975 L6)

this is just a foundation spam snake - bending the rules example
how to claim the entire river in the jungle with mindless spam - another bending the rules example. All these houses are empty.
This is the reason I’m not playing the game anymore. Just reseting and going offline.

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And there is people who says i am the wrong

"That i wanna make the game like I WANT"

They build all the map totally selfish way, and i am the selfish

@Melcom just keep looking what is happening to your servers,

what i will keep suggesting is that where should be unlimited foundations is on private servers, not on officials,

On officials should have a limit !!

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what is the point in you creating multiple threads on the same topic you already had this one below. You think the conversation in going to go differently?

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Of course i dont, and i already said that on that thread, proof u didnt read all there, and i dont judge u for that because people ruined there with insults…

The reason that topic was unfair-closed was because of personal attacks people did there, and the problem remains, this new thread is purely for keep posting map abusings along the time, proving the problem is real, instead of just guys calling me of many things

maybe this is not your case, but i say for this kind of people who wants to judge people instead of problems here, this is not the place (and probably there is no place for that)

also they was repeating the same accusations like 10-20 times,
now i understood and suspect that they were doing it to someone of the staff closes it, what just happened, they got what they wanted,

so what i spoke to Melcom was about that…

“to close an thread that u disagrees is easy… just go there and accuse people, provoke them, to start awnsers until someone that maybe didnt read all the thread closes it, because of an few awnsers that could be just ignored with the admin tool…”

thats nice, for people with bad intentions,

and my point about the staff is that if they didnt read all the thread they shouldnt block it so easily, specially on a thread showing the biggest problem on the game actually (at least for who didnt got the map for himself, like me) and of course because they cant block or delete comments, so why blocking all the thread like the problem does not exist ? because of an few insults there? makes no sense at all

But ok… i will keep posting photos here, or in any thread, and they speak more than words !!

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Dude im not going to read all of your posts. You type out several paragraphs I skim them at best its just too much. Your fight is a worthy cause based on this topic. But it seems like everyone that has any ounce of disagreement you go off on them. Which in turn makes the entire thread one big fight. That is why your last thread was closed.

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The irony is more people will be upset @Hellbell is over posting the complaint, and not look at the fact if there were not over building on maps, he/she would not have to. I don’t 100% agree with his solution, but i agree there is a problem that keeps the game from growing beyond the small player base due to the over building just because one can. So @Hellbell is just posting, because they can.


closed this one because reposting moderated content is agains the Forum Rule

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