List of bugs (no images, new account)

  1. Flawless Warhammer of the Legion recipe show 63 damage and if you forge it, its only 55 damage
  2. Thrashing Maul show sunder in description, but its come out cripple
  3. Flawless Warlord’s Hammer recipe is only 48 damage, is it normal?(Star Metal Hammer is 52 damage with no flawless)

Hey there,

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  1. EPIC Flawless Warhammer shows 63 damage on my tooltip.


  1. Confirm. The tooltip shows sunder but it applies cripple (it should be reported as a bug).


  1. Correct. I would assume that this is intended due to the extremely high weapon durability. :woman_shrugging:


Reply to 1.
Try to craft it with Blacksmith Kapt, it may happen what I mean

BTW sorry for the wrong platform, I will report those on the right platform next time.
Thank you for being patient with me.

I can’t reproduce it, sorry. Is the weapon ID the same - 24795?

I am not sure, because I cannot use panel to summon it, and also I meet this bug in Chinese version, does it matter?

Maybe!? You can test in single-player.

Alright, I figure out why now, that should be matter to the property “Variable”, its just giving out some random value for the weapon.

Once again, thanks for being patient with me and helping me a lot.


Oh, true. I didn’t notice that part. It would explain the difference.

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