List of Critical bugs on Exiled Lands (my friends get them too)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU (server 1150)

  1. (critical bug) Dungeon - Sunken City: only first 3 halls are normal. In all other: ALL strong enemies (1/3 skulls) are freezed (including last boss). They stay in one place and ignore player and thrall. This happens with me, this happens with my friends, so - bug repeats. Please check Sunken City.

  2. (not critical, but this bug annoying) The Red Mother (Dragon) which placed in the unnamed city and also attacks with purge - is bugged (it happens ALWAYS). His attacks drop thralls undermesh - always. 1-2 hits and thrall half under mesh, 2 hits more and only head of thrall is visible from the ground. 2 hits more and only sword is visible on the ground and thrall - fully under ground. Please fix this bug and change mechanic of this dragon attacks (that they will kick but without under mesh).

  3. (critical bug) The Dregs (dungeon) - after last patches final boss teleports outside dungeon 1 time 100% (per 2-3 runs). So, player come in the final room to acid pool => boss appears… and then => boss teleports away from the dungeon and disappears. This already happens 5 times on official server 1150 with me and my friends. Please Fix these stuppid teleports.

  4. (not critical, but half exploit). Now players can put in the thrall hands 2 weapons (one handed and two handed at the same time). Put 2h weapon in the hands => place anything in all slots of the thrall and 1h weapon in the last slot => move 1h into thrall hands => and he will equip 2 weapons at the same time.

developers why you polish only Siptah? After each patch, exiled lands receive new bugs and you ignore them and fix only bugs in the siptah (as i see from all last patch notes).

Please, Fix these critical bugs too, or you will ruin all dungeons soon (dregs and sunken city - already ruined).

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Trust me Siptah has got same bugs PLUS a ton of new bugs, worst is the old bugs. Promise of instead of fixing old map a new map would be better, well it is not, the old annoying bugs are still there, npc dissapearing after u’ve killed them and so on. Empty chests+++

You know what would also be fantastic? Star metal meteors that actually break when you use explosives on them. Yes, the same bug that has existed since … well, forever ago. Literally. At launch and before.

And by the way, your number 2 there is not just with the Red Mother. Any very large creature, dragons, rhino king, etc. which does a “stomp” type attack can drive thralls and pets under the mesh. Because apparently, checking the z-order axis is hard, or something.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the followers section had the functionality to tell followers already following you to refollow you. at least that way they don’t get stuck until they move to scouting then return to guard.

And no answer from community support for 6 days…

All these bugs are already known to developer team? or you ignore them?

They repeats each day! So i have returned back to the bug section and refresh this thread.

They usually don’t respond to “lists of bugs”. They need as much information as possible for each bug in order to attempt to replicate it and potentially fix it (one bug per topic):

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Narelle, after each bug i have written where it happens and how to reproduce.

You suggest me to create 4 topics more? ) okey, if they will ignore all list some days more, i’ll create a lot of topics, with one bug on each, if people prefer littering with many topics than the entire list in one place. it’s not hard for me)

That’s not a bug, that’s a feature. The Red mother can sucumb your thrall in shifting unnamed sands. How are you not aware of this?

and when they appear with purge they drop thralls inside stone foundations? … also - drop under ground on cliffs, near brim lake? and that cliffs are without sand and are very sturdy.

and very often, this dragon drops undermesh himself, so you want to said that this is feature too? )) dragons live under ground? and not just lives - but gets stuck and shakes and you can see how his head twitches in one place, trying to turn around but it’s useless - he fell into the ground

this is bug, and annoying, not feature

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