List of the meaning for new thrall symbols, what thralls are what..etc

Jeez I barely know where to begin. I don’t even know what benches I want to use. But I might make some progress if I know what the little blue symbols on the thralls stand for and what thralls are going to have what symbols. This new crafting patch has me so upside down and confused.


I am also looking for this information for ALL crafters (Taskmasters, cooks, smiths, etc)


As I am about to watch the video from Kya posted by @Wikkyd, I will say this…I would have liked if they could give a short description on the left panel when selecting the crafter in your inventory (where you would see weapon damage etc). Just something like: " Bladesmith - a smith specializing in damage output of crafted weapons."

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After losing a few year old set of Royal Armor. I used the armor thrall to make another set.
The original 400 armor, the new set was 265 armor. So I am now using an old set from a few years ago, until I can figure out this new game experience.


Ye, they took the better set out of the game and left the crappy set in. I still have a few sets of the old top tier, but now I dont want to risk them.

I did not know that they had already taken the truth out, I am sincerely glad

Epic Royal is still in-game. You need to use the T3 armor stations to craft it. It benefits from the armorer’s quality as well.

Re: the main ttopic - pointing out that people made videos explaining the icons misses the point. This is a very basic UI issue, and there’s no reason for the devs to not provide in-game explanation. It’s obscurity for the sake of obscurity, and it’s terrible UX design.


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