Little white/pale green-like stars around players' feet?

I have seen a couple of players around with these little white/pale green-like stars around their feet and was wondering what it meant. It’s something I never had seen before as Saga is really my first major introduction to PvP. Can someone explain to me what this is and what it does? I know I saw a BS with it before.

Green Healing animation?

Or manifestation of the sun

“Chosen of Gullah” visual effect?

It’s not a BS ability afaik, I have seen others have it like a DT I believe. I don’t think it’s the Chosen of Gullah visual effect either - that’s usually really large and triangles moving out in a circle if I recall correctly. They’ve had it on during hallowed vaults and even out in Conall’s.

I guess it’s the targetting system, although I never noticed any stars.


a tiny picture of what I’m talking about - ignore the green/blue heals, see the little “stars” (or balls, I guess) around their feet.

what is this?

it trails along with the character too

Arcane Marauder _ barbarian’s movement speed increase when struck by magic damage


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