Question about Glow/Illumination effect of Followers


A few days ago, after Age of War update, I logged in for short time.
While I was in-game I had two Followers with me, and I noticed the illumination bloom/glow around my followers that I have heard a few folks commenting on.

When I logged in yesterday evening, I did not notice the same illumination bloom/glow around my Followers.

My question is: Was this feature removed, or was my client not properly displaying it?

Hardwired Highspeed Connection
Official PVE Server 3500

Thanks in advance.

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We have yet to see the glow on official pve-c playstation server

I did not notice any illumination at all, either around my character or around the followers. The nights are dark, as before, without a torch it is impossible in any way …

Followers should not have had any glow unless you gave them a glowing weapon. The glow is only visible around yourself.

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It sounds like the Followers in my first session might have had weapons causing the glow.
I was running with a different set of Followers in the second session, so that may account for the difference.
I do not recall seeing much, if any glow around my Player character.

Thank to all for the input.

Personally, I’d prefer the character glow either be removed, or turned into a personal gameplay setting (since the glow is added client-side, this should be quite easy to do).

However, my personal opinions aside, I think they implemented the character glow about as well as they could have. It is quite subtle, evidenced by how many people don’t even notice it.

I think the easiest way to see it is to approach a light colored wall during the night and observe the wall change from black to white as you get closer.


It’s not visible … maybe some kind of mod can interfere?

The lighting entering a dungeon sure does.

With a torch:

Without torch:

And where is illumination?

I guess that qualifies as having some light down there. I’ve noticed that places don’t get absolutely pitch black anymore, but it’s still hard to see around me in the darkest places. To my eye it doesn’t really look as a “glow”.

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Just curious, but what is your Post Processing setting at?

Following up-
I spent some time in the game last night.
The glow around my Followers was from the weapons they were carrying.

I also noticed the glow around my character, much lighter than I expected.

Thanks to all for the input.

Have a great weekend.

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‘Low’. I changed it to ‘high’ - and nothing changed. Even left the game and re-entered with this setting - no effect.
Something is interfering with the lighting effects for me. For example, none of my T3 altars cast pillars of light into the sky.

Those were removed with A1C3.

Excuse me, what is A1C3?

Age 1 Chapter 3

I’m sorry, I’m not very well oriented in these eras. This is Age of Sorcery or before it?

Age 1 is Age of Sorcery.
Age 2 is Age of War.

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Age 3 The age of Where did all our players go? :grin:

In principle, this is logical. The sorcerers desecrated the land and the altars. The gods were offended, the pillars went out.