Live chat gone and no response to tickets, what do I do?

So, I used to play AO a long time ago.
Saw the free week and decided hey I miss twinking and AO, no other game has this, lets give it another shot.
Have some issues with my account and need help from support, so figured id go on live chat.
Apparently thats removed, lets try a ticket.
Been 3 days, no response.
What else can I try?

I’m sorry for any confusion regarding Live Chat availability. For more information regarding Live Chat, please be sure to review the following announcement: Funcom CS will no longer support Live Chat

We’re working to reply to everyone’s email support tickets as swiftly as we can, but we are currently experiencing some delays due to heavy support traffic. If you’d like me to check your ticket’s status, please feel free to DM me your ticket number and I’ll be happy to do this for you.

I would, but this new forum makes no sense, and nowhere on your profile do I find a DM button :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to be condescending in any way. But i don’t see how you missed that button.

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Since you registered very recently, you may not be able to send Direct Messages, yet. I’ve sent you a message you should be able to reply to regardless.

Cause that button is not there for me :slight_smile:

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I don’t like this forum either. This is exactly why i did not wanted to be insulting, if the button is not there for you then it’s absolutely normal that you can’t see it x)
At least i understand the issue now.

How long does it take to see that button? I signed up on day one and I dont see it

I would imagine you have it already Gimpeline but personal Messaging is granted when you earn the basic award.


Can you message others? if not, maybe a glitch with your account. This comes pretty early on.

Looks like it was my browser. Opend it in explorer and I can see it there, but not in my firefox

So, that is very weird, i use Firefox and i always saw that button.

Yeah I am in firefox also.

Rooibos maybe u could help me can u send me a msg

No thread necromancy, please.