Live services broke down?

Unable to connect right now!

Yeah. Even had ppl raging at me for 20 minutes how my server sucks coz they can’t join. Reason: FLS is down.
I politely, and with a smile, told them to go fornicate themselves.

Interesting fact is hat I just saw someone joining while writing this.

Same here. Was in game, logged out and now cannot get past the “Connecting to Funcom Live Services” message. I have to shut it down, it goes no where. I use American official servers.


Looks like there’s some very weird things happening as a mate of mine plays without any issues on my dedicated server and I can’t get past the FLS dialog. I was able to surpass it but then after downloading mods and the game restarting I’m now stuck again. :smiley:

Frustrating to not know if anyone who is with Funcom sees these messages. :frowning: Still not connecting through Funcom Live Services.

Hey there,

We’re aware of the connection issues some of you are having when accessing Funcom Live Services and we’re looking into it to try to determine the cause.

Sorry for the frustration while it’s being looked into.


Thank you, mine just went past the Funcom Live services screen and said “Some DLCs may not be available during game play”…

It seems these errors are caused by some technical issues our backend provided has been experiencing during the past few hours. We’ve reached out to them to try to iron out the situation.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


is there an eta for when these problems will be fixed

BTW, if I click the Continue on the Steam launcher, it does allow me to go into the official server I was last on. I just can’t get the server list on the Launch button…

Seems to work now. Was able to join my server :slight_smile:

Can confirm…Working for me as well.

It’s still down for me. At first, I was having the same issue; unable to connect to FLS.
Now, I can’t even get past the launcher after selecting the Play button from Steam.
Neither the Launch nor Continue buttons appear. It opens straight to this:

Update: This was resolved for me later in the same day by whatever happened behind the scenes.

Down for me also. Cleared my cache & verified files. Still got this. 2021AUG05

Why again do we need FLS when we want to play on a privatly paid for hosting server?

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Still down. PC/NA, east coast, private server. sigh

Yeah same issue… I managed to log in by just… waiting until it either gives me an error, which then i try again, and then … waiting again… Then it logged me in… But then I got a fatal error… fml

I am trying to Log on as well all I am getting is that it can not connect to Live Services, it will allow me to play offline though.

Well for me, i logged in after just waiting until it connected me. Just press continue on the launcher and it either works, or gives you an error. If it does, just restart conan and try again… did the trick for me.

Just curious if there’s been any news on this matter?