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Region: eu pve-c

I read a post last night from another xbox player who was very annoyed at the issues with the game crashing, the response from funcom was that the crashing issues were fixed and most people were able to play normally and suggested that the issue was his.
I am concerned that they think that issues were all fixed and that there are no gameplay issues since the hotfix. I would love to see a live stream of the devs playing a console version on one of the official servers and then say there are no problems.
Since the last fix the game crashes every day, there are issues with NPC camps, constant lag with wildlife, invisible bosses, unable to gather resources and player bases not rendering until your stuck on spikes.
Since the fix i have tried all suggestions to make the game playable, i have a base a lot smaller than most on the server, minimum light sources, no placeables in base, resolution set to 720p and logging off in small hut away from everything. This is not good enough, why should we have to accept this as normal play, why do i have to use game on 720p just to get it to load, only for it to crash as soon as you run past another players base.
Do they think its fixed because people aren’t posting about crashes anymore, i think most just stopped playing on consoles. With the mounts coming how are they going to address these issues, because unless you walk or teleport everywhere the game will crash. Dungeons work perfectly as they have to load when you enter.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.load game
3.load game
4.walk very slowly, dont turn on the lights and pray to Crom you dont crash( but of course he wont answer)

Hey @Walkerbait81

We’re aware of some crashing issues on consoles and we’ve included a bunch of crash fixes with our next patch, to be released next week. We’re continuing to monitor the situation and work on additional fixes based on the reports we receive, either in the forums or through the crash report tool.
Apologies for the frustration.

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