Load into an existing game with unplayable performance

I am getting 10-15 fps no matter what setting with an 1060GTX 6gb and an i73770 on 4.0MHz the game only uses 15-25% of my gpu as soon as it loads in.

The only two games that tend to do it is Total War games when you thousands of units on screen so it throttles its own animation and XCOM2 WOTC because it is a pile of unoptimized garbage. Now what am i suppose to do with this game?

I have two screen shots with min\max graphic settings but i can’t post image nor include links…

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Save game vanished, FAQ didn’t help…

There is still the issue of massive performance drop when opening the construction grid, the grid coloring that covers every slot you can build upon instantly butchers your fps.

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Hey @Gaudioom

Apologies for the frustration.
We’ve sent note to the devs about the performance issues. Regarding the save corruption bug they’re already working on a fix. On the meanwhile, please make sure to save manually often.
Thanks for your feedback and patience.

Hey @Gaudioom,

We are currently looking into the matter. However, I could use some information regarding your machine (operating system, video card, etc…) in order to better diagnose the problem.

When you get the chance could you please send a dxdiag (as well as the screenshots you mentioned in your previous post) to the following email: support@petroglyphgames.com

Make sure to reference this post in the body of the massage (just add a link to it).

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience…

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Of course i will send briefly.

Alright i just loaded into my latest save and it has the same issue but only in pause mode or construction mode because of that green grid i guess. When i resume it seems to be working alright. Sent you the save via email provided.

Hey @Gaudioom,

We have made some more improvement in the most current patch:

Let us know if it alleviated the issue some more.

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I kept that save just to test, it runs fine when not paused.
When paused it suffers same weird FPS and GPU usage drop.

To be fair these issues don’t occur in a newly created runs, and so far loading those runs haven’t reproduced this issue.
I think something might be just messed up in that save, if it will happen again i will ofcourse share it.

Thank you!

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