Loading screen never load


I am posting here a issue that I have been encounter for some days. when changing map (dungeon, scenario but not between anima well), the loading screen does not load or hangs one time out of three. And to restart the game I have to manually close the game because I have no other means.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game completely today without mod, but the problem persists.

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Have the same problem here. Just started playing, fresh game client, no mods, new character - loading screens are infinite. After restarting the game the area loads fast and fine, but the next loading screen is infinite again. Strangely there is an ingame mouse cursor on that screen. When I switched from fullscreen to Windowed(borderless) during the infinite loading screens an error message started appearing “Secret World Legends [email protected] not responding”.

My problem is close, too many mods for my setting