Loadingscreen on 3052

Hi exiles,

After a year of never ending loading screen I was really happy that the pvec servers working again.

Usually I preordered or buy all dlc on its release date. This time I wanted to wait until the loading screen is fixed. After a month I decided yesterday to buy siptah and the newst people of the dragon dlc.

Now I am up to date

But what is happening on my pvec?

Loading screen… :nauseated_face:

Ok the new feature of this loading screen is, that it ends after a while (~10min) with a disconnect from server message.

Btw the report official server button opens a closes browser site. @community there should be a link to zenddesk.

Two days ago there was the same problem in the morning hours. I started thread which was closed with the information to zendesk.

So I started a ticket there.
After a short while of nearly an hour I was able to login and saw the server was restarted.

Today I do that to but it was 5pm. But no response until now. So I logged in into my old g portal account from times having a server and ask for a restart. They said they working on it.

But now few hours later its still not working…

Long story short… Did funcom waited for me to buy the dlc to activate the loading screen again so I can not play?

I realized the last two weeks that the sames things happening that happens last year before the server was dead until the last month. I don’t know why I was so stupid not to wait little bit longer with the dlcs. Now I am a little bit afraid that this whole thing with the pvec is happing again after all the people came back and rebuild what they lost.

I saw that funcom doesn’t realy care about the situation that the part of the game people pay money for doesn’t work for over an year. So it could be the same again.

It’s not personally and not against the community members and admins here. But I don’t trust funcom as company that they care about the ps4 pvec servers. I don’t know how it’s with the other servers, but that is what I want to play after spending 200€ for a game. I hope that the last ~25€ goes to the pvec server support :sweat_smile:

I wanted to add that this is not a bug report or server down report.

It’s just the time I planed to play Conan today and have to use it otherwise :sweat_smile:
So it’s just my anger i need to bring to discussion here.

BTW I saw now that the server is working again. It was restarted 30 min ago

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Good to hear it is back up. I sometimes have to try a few times to get onto my private ps4 pve-c server between Sony login and Funcom services but normally only a few minutes

Which siptah server youre on? Lot of 3052 people play on 8023 like me, 3052 has been working for me lately without problems

Currently I am not playing siptah on any server.
I hope this time I can enjoy working exile lands for longer than last times

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Server down again :frowning:

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I guess best you can do is report to Zendesk again. Seems to be alot of things going wrong with all platforms. Maybe 3.0 being installed on server’s ahead of release.

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I did report it to zendesk and they do a restart few minutes after.
Just want to notice it here. How do the other pve c server do? If I am not wrong 3052 was the first one that got problems like these last year at nearly the same time. It ended up in the loading screen Story.

The log shows server starts for the times I reported it to zendesk. So that works :slight_smile: thx for the support FC

I reconized in this log also server starts on 18th and 19th of November. The other past 21 days looks good.
So I hope it is not something that will happen daily like the whole last year until the update a month ago

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