Lock chest near Treasure hunter city where is the key?

I found a chest just outside of the treasure hunter city and it says I need a key. I don’t know if the is more then one near the treasure hunter city but this one is near where the Boss Rhino is. Where can I find that key?

in said rhinos guts


There are many chests like that one across the Exiled Lands. They contain legendary items and they can only be opened if you’re level 60 and have a Skeleton Key.

The Skeleton Keys drop from 3-skull bosses you can find in many places across the Exiled Lands. Usually, there’s a world boss relatively near a legendary chest.

Any Skeleton Key can open any legendary chest – you don’t need to use the one from a specific boss on a specific chest. The legendary loot from the chests is random.

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Tks. Yea there is a boss near the Rhino Boss.

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