Lock chest near Treasure hunter city where is the key?

I found a chest just outside of the treasure hunter city and it says I need a key. I don’t know if the is more then one near the treasure hunter city but this one is near where the Boss Rhino is. Where can I find that key?

There are many chests like that one across the Exiled Lands. They contain legendary items and they can only be opened if you’re level 60 and have a Skeleton Key.

The Skeleton Keys drop from 3-skull bosses you can find in many places across the Exiled Lands. Usually, there’s a world boss relatively near a legendary chest.

Any Skeleton Key can open any legendary chest – you don’t need to use the one from a specific boss on a specific chest. The legendary loot from the chests is random.

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Tks. Yea there is a boss near the Rhino Boss.

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