Log in, reset timer, log off- Players who don't play

So you use no skills and problem solving techniques youve learned in real life in a game? Never?

I know. I said its not against the rules.

Notice the word IF. Since it is not, people that have problems stem from the two things I listed - you want a spot because someone else has it, or the game is lagging because of so many massive builds (which of course could be from active players too). There are in game ways to deal with those issues.

Guess I read your comment wrong.

And yes, I do see that attitude from people. And I wish they didnt have it.

Then dont bring it up comparing it.

Upkeep system. Dewit.

I like the way this new game Myth of Empires does it. I’m sure other games do it similarly but it is the first time I have experienced it.

I’d like to modify/build on the idea here though.

  1. Implement an item (it is a flag pole in Myth of Empires) to use as your stake.

  2. The item will be where you deposit resources to extend your building decay timer/hit points.

  3. Have this item cover a radius by connected building pieces. ie, this item will cover 25x25 foundations.

  4. Buildings that do not have this item covering their radius will be considered temporary buildings and have 1) Reduced hitpoints, 2) Short decay timer.

  5. Buildings that do have this item covering their radius will be considered permanent/long term and have 1) Full hit points, 2) Longer decay timer.

  6. Require multiple of these items to cover large bases, requiring more effort to upkeep, or scrap the idea of it covering a certain radius and make it so the more building pieces in the radius consumes the added resources faster.

  7. Build upon this further and have a clan progression system where clans can rank up or level up and earn the ability to expand the radius this item covers or the ability to add more resources to it which would cover an extended radius or building pieces for a longer duration.

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Personally, it feels like a year since i have put any time into CE. On Xbox, the game is not enjoyable anymore. The amount of bugs i incur have caused me to not actively play. I keep refreshing, hoping CE will finally get enough fixes that i can play without experiencing loss due to bugs again. But more bugs are added than fixed since prior to IoS patch. It just keeps getting worse.

An upkeep system would force me to play CE in a state i do not enjoy to experience it in. The more i am forced to endure, the less motivated i am to play.

Its time for you to move on, upkeep or not.

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Long thread, but I feel like nobody will address the elephant in the room. The official servers are empty of active players.

I did bring this up back in January

Constant unwanted changes, catering to a vocal minority on the forums, nerfing PVE for some PVP reason, nerfing PVP for some PVE reason, and generally exchanging fun for annoyance in a quest for balance/challenge. It caused people to bail from the game, or move to private servers.

Almost everyone who supported these changes will not admit that they were wrong, even standing amongst the tumbleweeds of an empty server. It has to be SOMETHING else. But what? I guess we’ll go with structures being refreshed this time.

But that’s not it. I can go to any empty server and find a place to build. There are no ancient buildings that are preventing me from playing the game. (Short of those built for trolling).
As a matter of fact, if I’m playing Conan Exiles online I would want to see what other people have built. If the play style of other online people bothered me I might as well go single-player.

Even if you get your wish this time - all this will do is change the empty servers with bases into empty servers without bases.


They’ve been empty for years.

The servers I’ve been playing on are not empty. Some servers you have to wait a while to login because they are full (70 players out of 70).

Officials have been dead for years. Non-officials have been thriving. And they do enjoy the changes.

If there’s no hope, then they should simply close them up. Save time and effort that way. Won’t stop development because as it has been shown, most don’t even play on those servers. They literally are, for the most part, a waste of time and effort.

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I wouldn’t go as far as thriving. I have been looking for a truly active server, and the only ones that seem to be thriving are mainly rp. I have tried 8 or 9 and they are only slightly more active than officials. Searching brings up mainly 1-5 players at most on 40+ slotted servers.


And if Funcom makes the changes you desire, will this change the 0/40 servers in any way?

Officials are dead. But it’s not because there are too many refreshed buildings lying around.

This is like the tired old argument that if Funcom wipes the official servers periodically it will bring people back. Despite previous tests showing that it won’t.

You make it sound like the official servers have wall to wall bases everywhere and not a soul can find a patch of land to build on.

The official servers are like finding land in rural Montana. But from reading this thread you would think they were more like downtown San Francisco.

The map is huge and the official servers are empty. The argument that players will find a base somewhere on the map and it will drive them away is absolutely silly. The argument that old bases on an empty server are too much of a resource hog is equally silly.


You make interesting points, but I will play devil advocate on your concepts.

I think Myth of Empires, which I do enjoy the game, the flag system is very limited in my opinion, which I am not a fan of at its current iteration.

Regarding #1, 3, 4, 5.

First, everything has to fit in a circle. People build in various ways, rectangles for example which may not entirely fit in the circle but uses less space than the circle. If you could change the shape of the claim, then maybe it would work better. Most people do not build in a perfect circle / square shape. The landscape or your design would pigeon hole creative ideas. Two, if you built yourself on an island for example, you may want a bridge built to connect to the main land, but that will fall outside the radius of the claim.

Regarding #2

Some people do not like grinding/harvesting as it is, and you are mentioning depositing resources to extend decay timers. I for all I do is harvest when I log into the official server two or three times a week so, this would not effect me since I have more supplies than I know to do with. Most people like doing adventuring so this idea would be a huge turnoff for those non-harvesters.

Regarding #7.

This would require a full rework of the clan system (not that it has a major system to being with) or in reality adding a real system like MoE has. I do like it (MoE), but it is not a simple add to the game so this would be a long-term goal (which who knows they may have been working on something like that for 3.0). Although, to be honest, there is no MMO I ever played as a complex guild system like MoE so you cannot fault Funcom regarding this one. Star Wars Galaxies is probably the only exception with their city/guild/faction system.

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Not sure why people keep saying official servers are dead. They seem fine to me. There may be some dead servers but there are plenty of activity on others.

Just now at 11 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST), I see large populations on various servers

If you only count American servers, (which this would be early since the west coast may not be awake yet)…

The servers seem fine. My official server only has 6 at the moment (Pacific Coast server) and I not online at the moment. I was on earlier this morning though.


Well @Sir.Henry.Vale they have to keep up the narrative. I’ve posted similar screen shots on other threads when people claimed they couldn’t find any servers with players in (pick a game mode) or (pick a region) or even (pick a map). :woman_shrugging:


Aye, I would love to see my private servers (all 3 combined) to have daily activity like these official servers. During this holiday period (4 day stretch), only 2 people excluding myself logged onto the servers, which is lower than normal. And 1 was new, other is fairly new to the servers too, all the regulars/casuals been offline for days now. Even my friend, only popped on the official servers this week.

Shrug, I know it goes up and down at various times of the year so I am used to it. For most, Survival games are a casual game concept.

Added note, Siptah is definitely less popular but still has a population for people to play with.


Maybe instead of players quitting, it would be more productive if FC just fixed it so we could play again.

Maybe you should move on from encouraging players to quit? Thanks for being so helpful and understanding. What a great person you must be.


I don’t know and to be honest I don’t actually care. I’d prefer if they deleted them rather than making any sort of sweeping change server owners don’t ask for.

I said this three years ago. My stance hasn’t changed.

I’ve also said wipes wouldn’t fix the population issue. You don’t wipe because you have no players. You wipe because the database isn’t recoverable.

If you’re talking Isle of Siptah, maybe. Exiled Lands. No. Much of the map is not buildable because of terrain or water, as well as PoI’s. Couple this with the new enforcement measures, large swathes of resources can be called inviolate as well.

The available parts of flat decent land are sparse, but that isn’t the point. The point is, you have players sitting on spots that they aren’t using.

There’s your problem, you take everything too personally.

I don’t tell players to do things I don’t do myself. I have quit Conan on a number of occasions. Sometimes you simply need a break from a game. You can’t honestly tell me playing 3-4 hours a day on a single game for years is actually a good thing?

Let’s put this out. Let’s say they turned off decay entirely and you keep your buildings for the next Century. Would you all still login? If the answer is no… then what the hell are you all still doing here?

At this point I’m not telling players to quit. They already did. But for some reason I’m a villain for pointing that fact out.

Most people on the forums aren’t aware of a server browser bug that has been around for a long time: the first time you open the server browser, the player count is displayed correctly, but all the subsequent times you open the browser all servers show up with 0 players. To get accurate numbers again, you need to restart the whole game.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons we keep seeing this “servers are dead” trope. It’s not easy to notice the bug, especially for people who are already convinced they know the truth :slight_smile:


Yeah I say radius but am not referring to an actual circle. I mentioned it could be per connected foundation as well.

Idk, I am just thinking out loud.

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Usually when I’m playing on my (very) dead server I wistfully look for other worlds to inhabit, or maybe one of the dozen servers I’ve got a 60 on will have more than 2/40. It’s never this populated 6 out of 7 non-holiday days, if you want my personal opinion. I hardly check EU servers, though. Maybe there’s hope there.


That is true. That bug is not a consistent one but does pop up periodically for sure.

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Early access and skewed data. Those that get in early are looking for a specific “type” of game. Casual larger player base was never given a chance to “test” the viability of wipe servers.

And these are the Rust PC steam numbers that show there is a market for regular wipe type servers…