Log Reward - black screen

Have black screen when open Log Rewards page.
I try did reload client, PC, internet, check game data, back to default UI… but nothing!

It’s probably an issue on Funcom’s side again. This happens frequently.

that because they made a different proccess starting for shop&rewards,but havent done it properly, so its start 1/3 of the time :smiley:

It loads for me on my home connection, for what it’s worth. Is this still happening, @TheConan?

it happens occasionally for me, it might load from 1st try or take 5 reloads

Yes. still have this issue like always. You know, sometimes I can see this window correctly, but it happens very very rarely.


For me, for example, both the game store and daily rewards are blocked by Kaspersky Internet Security, because both of these are loaded as web-pages and both contain scripts that KIS lists as adware or smth that can be used to compromise the security, or smth along these lines. Even moving the url mask to exclusion list doesn’t help much.