Daily login rewards and In-game store windows are blocked by Kaspersky Internet Security

Every time for last several months I get them blank black with a message from Kaspersky like this:

23.06.2020 08.01.19;Blocked an advertisement website or a URL that can be used by criminals to damage your computer or personal data;http://p.analytic.press/ad/base.js?id=d5de08262fd853603a9a0035643c0cb4e144&rid=f046uWsknYDxjBK8UMRHtZzkyiE%3D&reg=77&referer=http://dailyrewards.ageofconan.com/;http://p.analytic.press/ad/base.js?id=d5de08262fd853603a9a0035643c0cb4e144&rid=f046uWsknYDxjBK8UMRHtZzkyiE%3D&reg=77&referer=http://dailyrewards.ageofconan.com/;URL;Age of Conan ConanDX10LiveWin32 [email protected];06/23/2020 08:01:19

I may be wrong, but as I understand the problem from such messages , Funcom uses the 3rd party data-gathering service (http://p.analytic.press/ad) as part of both daily rewards and game store systems and KIS aggroes on this service.

What can be done with this problem to make daily login rewards and game store available again? Simply pausing the protection in KIS before launching the game works VERY rarely, adding the game or that service to the exclusions seems to be not working.

Kaperski is your whole problem. Get malware bytes it’s the best antivirus out there in my humble opinion and it’s free and it doesn’t cause this issue with age of Conan :+1:


The paid version of MBAM will cause Age of Conan to lag in high particle/zone environments. If you do end up buying it, you will need to add AoC as an exception.

Either way, I agree, get rid of Kapersky.

Why would you use a program that is avoided even by the users in the country of its origin? Everyone knows that the FBI use it to meet their gains. Delete Kaspersky immediately if you wish to be secured.

Their “VPN” tool also blocks Web sites on purpose instead of acting like a VPN.


As a person living in Kaspersky’s country of origin, I would disagree on a point that it is avoided, since it does its main job pretty well (and I can bet that all such software spy on their users these days, regardless of what is commonly thought on this matter), but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that issue popped up only recently, and there wasn’t anything like it before - and more importantly, shouldn’t be anything like it. Question is what can be done to avoid it.


What can the developers advise on this matter and will there be any actions taken on the developer’s side to fix it?

The only advice we can offer is seeing if you can pause the application temporarily, or allowing us as an exception to the application. We can’t offer direct support for programs like this.


After doing some googling the problem was found, as it seems, and it is not on either developers, Kaspersky or my side. My network provider inserts the banner ad via the jscript insertion, Kaspersky notices it (as I said, it does its main job pretty well) and blocks the source of those ads, blocking the connection and thus preventing loading of the rewards/shop page itself.

I apologize for my misunderstanding, I was wrong.