Logged in with all inventory erased

Logged in, inside my base with everything on my character deleted. Last played was last night.

That happened to me recently. All my crap, gone, including armor & weapon.
I no longer log out with any expensive materials or construction materials in my inventory.

I heard on the server I play (1090 PvE) that some people logging in and finding themselves naked, and their buddies from the clan.
They be talking about some exploit that allows them to kill player, and thralls in PvE servers if they are on sight.

Most common cause is your character died while you were logged off.

If it happens consistently, then it’s a question of finding out why you’re dying.

If it’s only once in a great while, then you can chalk it up to bad luck or player mischief. (Like somebody lobbing a gas orb through your bedroom window or something.)

Doubt it’s an exploit, like @Lectorn mentioned, but it’s always a possibility in any online game.

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