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Conan has grown leaps and bounds since I first started playing the game. While I enjoy the game very much, I notice spikes of players then huge drops.

When I ask players why they’ve not returned, nearly every one of them states that it’s because there is nothing left to accomplish. They’ve achieved. Level 60 (away too low to max out) and they’ve visited all the dungeons etc.

What would players think if Conan added some Daily or Weekly Missions? Even daily log-in bonuses. If you log-in and play an hour, you unlock X item of the day. I would also like to see more player levels.

I think this would remedy the issues with players that get bored as they will have something to give them a feeling of accomplishment. I mean, it could simply be an armor skin, something. Anything really. Just something for players to acomplish.


I always thought that WHEN they introduce a magic system, that you had to establish eligibility for it by doing so many daily missions or having X number of hours logged playing first, to imply the time you’ve spent studying magic. Daily missions gathering rare ingrediets or making lotus potions, would be a good way to lead up to that.

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I’d vote no for daily quests personally. Why? I play Conan to relax, not become a job because some random quest giver wants me to collect 5000 bear ■■■■■ in exchange for 5 silver. WoW has that daily quest garbage and timed gate keeping crap. I’d rather Funcom just add more dungeons and / or an option to remove the bracelet without nuking your character. Maybe a dungeon that can only be raided after the bracelet is removed, because it’s beyond the Giant King’s barrier fence. Hell, even have Conan and Razma escort you there.

Hard NO on dailies and weeklies…

To many games do this, and its not a fix of any kind. Most of my time is split to logging into games doing said weeklies and dailies. Yays OCD!
And often not playing game… -_-’

They could instead add quests (repeatables, take over locations (PVE/PVP) for extra things to do. Little need for “missed content”


I like the daily and weekly missions to a point, and if they are not related to completeing dungeon content. Something like, kill x whatever, build x many pieces worth of this or that, but not ‘finish this or that dungeon’ because then everyone on the sever will get in each others way.

I fully oppose daily log-in bonuses. They smack too heavily of ‘those other types’ of online games.

What Conan lacks to keep in interesting over a period of time between DLC’s is an interesting end game or interesting gear to look for. Once you complete the game, get all the feats you want, the only thing left is farming for building materials or interclan warfare and what not.

A randomized and instanced (for each party) dungeon that you could do over and over might be interesting for end game. Something rogue like perhaps. You start out with nothing and have to build and equip your way as far as you can as fast as you can for the best score. The better the score the better your rewards. A few instanced dungeons of these types with variety between them could be interesting.

Another part of the issue seems to be that the equipment in Conan is boring with a capitol B. Legendary weapons are extremely underwhelming. Imagine a bow called “Frost Bow” that doesn’t have frost effects or do any kind of cold damage (cus that’s what frost bow is right now). Wouldn’t it be cool if it shot arrows that look like ice and actually created a rime effect on enemies that slowed down their attack and or movement? Or how about Black Blood tools that would cover things in black blood when you use them or squirt black blood all over the place. Or how about if the bow called Splinter would hit and cause a small AOE of splinters that hit anything near your target. The legendary loot has interesting names and interesting stories, but they have no effects visual or otherwise that tie into those names and stories that makes them particularly special. Wouldnt it be cool if Papyrus sounded like paper when you used it, and/or maybe an errant piece of paper or something that looks like a scroll flies off to do a small amount of damage to someone (paper cuts!) With that in mind, I’d like to see legendary loot have some random effects on it as well. Maybe you find a throwing ax that ricochets and some other time you find the same ax (same damage and pen) but instead of a ricochet effect maybe it has an explosion effect. Maybe we could see some delving into different elements with different elemental effects.

I’m not saying Conan should be a looter. I am saying that the equipment should be interesting visually and that it should have interesting effects. It should be worth hunting for outside of trying to get a sword with 3% more armor penetration.

100% Agree. Some cool ideas too.

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