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Why can’t Conan be just an online game?

…Because it’s outrageously unfair to those who want to play the game by themselves to force them to spend even more money to do so on top of buying the game in the first place?

Why would you even want to get rid of singleplayer anyway?


true yes I didn’t write post properly.

because single player you can earn trophies easily, it shouldn’t be allowed.

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It’d also be an extremely dumb move on Funcom’s part.

If they did this, they are basically saying F-You and giving the middle finger to ALL the playerbase who purchased this game to play it single player, myself included.

Which would come back to bite them with their future releases, because I can’t imagine anyone screwed over by this willing to trust the company again.

The second major point, is that trophies are meaningless. They are basically the gamer equivalent of the middle-aged man purchasing the Ferrari or other car, to compensate for his lacking in the genitalia department. To put it as mildly as I can.

To end this post, adding single player to Conan, with a standalone offline server, is a brilliant marketing ploy. The same can be said abotu ARK. For one simple reason.

If Conan were only an online game, that limits the market to those with the internet capability, and willing to pay PS+ monthly, in order to play online. And also to deal with the jerkoffs that pollute online gaming to start with.

By adding in the offline server capability, they have effectively doubled their playerbase. Now those who don’t play online will purchase the game, and expand on the profits earned.

Blizzard and other MMOs could learn a lot from what ARK or Conan has done. Imagine how much more they’d generate in sales if they made a similar setup for World of Warcraft. Where you can play the game in an offline server, adjusting rates and the like the way we can with Conan.

(For the record, if you didn’t know, gamers have put together Private Servers that do exactly this, for WoW, mostly to use as online. But I know for a fact that you can download them and run them on a fairly cheap laptop to enable you to log in on your gaming PC, and play WoW alone.)

ok thanks for ya opinion

well how do I remove post? I’m not up for conflict.

Unlocking achievements doesn’t do anything in this game, though. It isn’t like in, say, Ark where you get skins and hairstyles and emotes that every character you make afterward has access to from that point on.

I mean, I’ve gotten all but one of the achievements, but that doesn’t give me any particular advantage over someone who hasn’t gotten any.

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I know trophies aren’t important to yous, I just think it should be earnt through official play.

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Trophies are largely meaningless in any games. I know some gamers swear up and down by them, like it’s a sort of status symbol. I’ve never understood it.

Removing the single player access isn’t the answer though, by a long shot.

OKAY I GET IT FfS Like THE OTHER PERSON SAID!! godsake read above didn’t write post properly!!

Players getting trophies is not the issue. The form of trophies is.

There are four kinds of trophies:

A ) milestones; e.g. platinum trophies, utility
B ) hidden; e.g. campaign quests, major events
C ) souvenir; e.g. precious moments, mementos
D ) affirmation; e.g. tricks, feats, succeedings

While a platinum trophy doesn’t have to be hidden, some milestones do benefit from such cloaking. Campaigns benefit from being hidden so they won’t accidentally reveal crucial information too soon, to ruin the feed of challenge and story. Precious moments are those that are saved into the play history like photos, videos and the like; these are recorded when some trophies unlock to commemorate them. Affirmation trophies point out some of your success stories, skills your character acquired and intel obtained so that you feel rewarded and gaining progress. Many of these overlap one another often. They form an intricate network to satisfy us. :slight_smile:

Bad trophy design involves unnecessary repetition, revolving around stretching gameplay for time investment’s sake alone; e.g. you are still you and your character is still them when the 10k kill milestone lands, the same when the first kill came to be (a kill is a kill). Nothing in between necessarily changes except the amount of time invested and the mere kill number increases (after everything else is done). This is partially our doing as players and customers focusing merely on how long a game lasts as the measure of quality even though quality is much more than just how many hours we invest to them. A good movie can be of any length. A great movie is approximately around 2 hours and minutes on top, collectively speaking. However, a movie that has a beginning, the middle and an end is rewarding as any length of a movie compared to one that lasts 2 hours and repeats the first scenes that happened the first 2 minutes until the time’s up. This type of game design is on us as customers and as we vote with our wallets, we should be careful of what we ask for.

Personally I view the achievement system as a personal log. It doesn’t necessarily matter how fast or slow we fill it, but what we learn, as we go along, from the first log entry to the last. :vulcan_salute:t2:

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I get what you’re saying. Single player is very, wrll, underdeveloped. Its basically a place to fool around. If there where a more solid world, with merchants and npc allies, maybe even npc clans warring with each other, then i could see earning trophies there. But right now its a place to try stuff in the admin setting and fool around

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Single-players can’t actually complete all achievements (Tower of the Elephant requires another player), and some of those that can be completed solo are a lot easier with a group, such as many of the “kill boss” achievements.

Sure, you can “cheat” in a single-player game to complete achievements… but would you feel like achieving something if you did so by cheating? It’s like stacking the deck for solitaire.

It depends…

Technically, it’s already an ‘online only’ game.
(As there is no offline mode, that I’m aware of - though there is a mod for it, from what I recall)

If you mean multi-player… yeah, I like my single-player mode.
(Wouldn’t mind ScreenSharing / co-op - suppose you can set up a server for the latter.)

Offline mode is when you play the game with no internet connection. You are alone in the world, you can make yourself a server admin, to do things admins can do on official servers. You can adjust the server settings to what YOU want them to be.

Which means you can do instant level 60, have every feat, etc.

It’s essentially like WoW’s private servers, all bottled into the game itself. Which is pretty damned cool if you ask me.