Lone player trying to survive on PvP server

I’m brainstorming some tactics as a lone Conan player to survive on an official PvP server. I picked a very out of the way base location, an island in the jungle. I sealed the island completely and the neighboring island I put foundations all over to block trebuchet placement. I also put vaults underwater.

Had a few questions for veteran raiders:

  1. Anything weakness to an island base I should be aware of? My base is quite small and backed to the green barrier but has all the space I need a solo guy.
  2. I have been out of Conan for awhile (several months), is there any sort of concern I should have with underwater vaulting? Some hard to discern weakness?

~John Rambo

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If your base isn’t on a pillar or a hard to get to spot you’re going to have a bad day eventually. Avatar (god strikes) can make short work of an island base without a bubble but even with a bubble the altar needs to be as high up above crenellation as you can build it. Ground bubbles are easy to breach. As for active defense you need to learn how to shark in the water. That is a max encumbrance build with a 1000% or more encumbrance with rugs etc. when players swim to your base to attack you swim up to them in the water and climb on them with stam. Insta kill. Keep in mind they can do the same to you too. Being solo though means life will be hard for you. Good luck

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You can survive for several months, but when a team comes to pick you up you can leave the server.
For solo player private server maybe best option.

Thanks for the honest truth. I’m keeping a low profile on the server to avoid unnecessary attention.

Is there is a good YouTube video anyone can recommend that details running an actual base defense? Such as when to pop altar defense, what to do fight or repair?

I realize I may not succeed in surviving but don’t want to go down like a sandstone chump either.

John Rambo

Since you’re ground-based, if you ever get attacked, place a secure chest and hard bed in a location somewhat overlooking your base. Keep spare armors and arrows, even backup thralls in there. If they kill you, teleport there and start weakening them with poison shots.

If you place your soft bedroll inside your main base, you can easily teleport back inside, and back out to keep them guessing.

Kinda reminds me of Die Hard. :rofl:

I play solo on officials, you can not made a unraidable base, thralls and animals are useless and you can not farm god bubble.

The solution! build a small 6x6x2 in T3 hidden in the montains. You can fit all crafting stations x 2, and them build severals map rooms to move fast. Then backup 2x2x1 everywhere :slight_smile:

Play on a PvE server…

Yeah, pve c. I don’t mind dieing and losing gear… losing a base with my casual gameplay is what I can’t afford.

Can’t farm bubble but you can make explosive jars and put 1x1x1 and if god touches it he disappear. Layer your foundation with fence foundation.

Then anti tree is build foundations every where treb can be in range.

Stick to yourself dont bother anyone dont steal nothing fish animals nada but also dont take crap from anyone stand your ground build high build more then one they can be close together just not side by side have a factory for crafting etc having your more valuable mats hidden and spread out and allying with a alpha clan or two won’t hurt either help out the little people run down yo noob river give some stuff away food weapons armor picks axes word will get around your a helpful player then you could have back up when or if needed


Elevated bases are still viable but ultimately susceptible to God’s unless your an extremely hard grinder for the bubble. Also for base locations you’d be in a better position for defense in a natural build area…temples, caves ect. The most obvious mistakes I see is making your base to visible by blocking off surrounding areas. On the vault topic still mitaged damage in water but vaults aren’t a safeguard now die to nerfs. Other options would be to tag up with another or make a strong ally come the time you’re raided. Ps thralls will be your best friend and animal spam

For a very new player can you explain what a bubble is?

A “dome of protection” summoned with an arch priest at a tier 3 altar. It’s basically 2 bubbles that protect your base from avatar, arrow and trebuchet attacks by reducing the amount of incoming damage or destroying avatars when they touch the inner bubble. You must have an arch priest for whichever religion you want to use with a matching altar that you upgrade to tier 3. Once you have both you will need to grind 500 zeal to craft the bubble. (It takes 30 minutes and the bubble itself is supposed to last 36 hours) also keep in mind the minute you have a tier 3 altar it will be marked on the map for all to see so have base defenses ready.

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