Long time object spawning, Thrall feeders not working , Thrall and npc lag (Link to a video)

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE-Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 1040
Mods: None

Bug Description:

Long time for objects to spawn, especially doors. Thrall feeders not working both for human and animal thralls. Thrall and Npc lag. Included link to video.

Bug Reproduction:

Thrall feeder bug started with age of sorcery update. Other started sometime in second half of chapter 1. It must be something wrong with networking maybe ?


Funcom, any progress on figuring out what the problem is ?

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Funcom, at least let me know you are aware of these issues. Combat is the worst problem, it’s completely unplayable and lasts more than a month.

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Any updates Funcom ? Problems on that video are still present. You could at least let me know that you know about those.

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im playing on the same server and somedays i must wait 20minutes before everything is loading in and i can play.

Any progress on bugfixing ?

Bende de dün geceden beri herşey normal ama npc ve hayvanlar ışınlanıyor ne yapacağım bilmiyorum. İnternetim iyi pc im iyi pingim iyi

Funny that only pvec has this loading door issue. Good to know its not only playstation and not only my server. This happens to me for 2 years now. Since the crashes it makes no sense to play. On exiles land I just refresh my base and wait until this is fixed. Meanwhile I play on siptah where this issue not exists.

My best time at waiting for doors was 1,5h… 2 minutes after my doors and chest loads in i got a freeze in front of my base. But then I only have to wait 40 min to get in my base.
That’s how playing Conan pvec look like. You need 3h if you want to play 30 min…

Thrall feeder:
I rember that one of the last change logs said that here was a change. Thralls should only take food if they need it.

I think it would be better if they only consume if need but fill one Inventor place with food.
I would like to see something similar to the thrall pot for arrows.

Any progress ?

The not loaded placeables issue is related to the internet speed of the player, but honestly at least some low texture placeholder should spawn, not an invisible ghost.

I currently cannot play on Exiles Land maps because of this year long issue. Funcom not even tried to communicate with us for resolution. Funny thing 2 years ago when the player base and the global placeable count was higher I had less issue.

On Siptah I not experience this issue at all.

Come on Funcom, at least a statement or a tweet about it…

Edit: I play on #1040 also, but not exclusively I experience on that EL server but on other EL servers as well.

According to the internet speed test:
Ping in ms:6
Download in Mb/s:194.76
Upload in Mb/s:23.86
So I don’t think the problem is on my side.

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Indeed it is quite fast. Personally I experience that if I use another network what is faster, than the load time is faster of the placeables. Some network provide immediate loading time for EL but the most used by me is not.

super common issue, never got fixed, at least you still can login, on my server after certain time, usually at evening that is when we come from work to play the server hangs on a infinite load screen : ( sad

i have the same provider since years and some days i wait 5seconds till i can play and some days i wait 15 minutes till i can play and years ago it was sometimes 30minutes till i can play.

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This is interesting. A few days ago this lag seems to have disappeared to the point where you can fight normally, thanks to which I was able to capture a T4 derketo priest.
And there was no update.
However, since yesterday it is again the same as you can see in the video.

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Well, the patch came out and it didn’t help. Funcom, this lag can’t continue in the third act. When will you fix it ?

Okay, today must be a lucky day because everything worked fine. But I don’t want to pull the champagne cork prematurely in case there’s a relapse. I’m curious how long it will last.

Nothing that’s listed in this thread is a bug…
The poor performance of loading and thralls not behaving is due to the bad performance of official servers :man_shrugging:
And the thrall feeder “bug” is not a bug, but a feature, it was in the 3.0 patch-notes that thralls only use food from it in case they are below max HP and need it for healing and only as much as they need to heal up. Which is a really good thing, since the feeder has a slowed perish timer so food is not being wasted in thrall inventories needlessly.