Looking for a New server with mod - no Age of Calamitus

Any suggestions, please?

Which language?

And which region and/or time zone? Also, what mode – PVE, PVE-C, PVP?

Prefer English and america - don’t care on the pve - pve-c or pvp

Try Larathiel’s Valley of Doom. It’s PVE, has mods but not too many, settings are pretty close to vanilla but a little bit more comfortable, the region is America and the time zone is Eastern Time. Really nice community and an active admin.

Oh, and no AoC, thank Crom :smiley:


Hey! Forgotten Kingdoms is a PVE x3 server with a very active community. These are the following 10 mods that we host: Pippi, Dungeon Master Tools, Savage Steel Vol 1, Fashionist, Emberlight, Dudes Delightful Decorations, Dye More Betterer, Immersive Armor, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Unlock Plus (with Pickup).

Let me know if you have any questions!

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