Looking for a PVE (ish) server

I’m looking for a fairly laid back server. Random server selection is just that…and I haven’t had the best of luck so far. I like the idea of PVE servers, but maybe with PVP events once in a while. What I don’t want are servers where right when I get enough materials to start hitting dungeons for legendaries, my base gets torn apart and all my T4s get taken or killed (that’s where I’m at on my latest server).

I like to build big bases (probably the Minecraft in me, lol) but can tame it down a bit if there are any lag issues. I like to farm the Unnamed City and the Volcano and would run dungeons with others when I’m available as long as a fair method of loot distribution is agreed upon. And I would like to participate in some sort of PVP fun once in a while; I just don’t think decimating someone else’s base is how I want to play the game right now, not that I’m knocking it for anyone else. Hit me up if you know of a server that I can join. Thanks!

Am I missing something here…? Why not play PvE (c)? You get to kill people during certain windows of the day and your buildings stay safe, at all times (unless you allow them to go into decay).

Hmmm…maybe I’m just senile lol. The first server i joined started as PVE. After a while the owner started discussing setting up events, both PVE abd PVP (like gladiator brawls and maze runs. He switched it to PVP at that point, i guess to be able to have those events.

Unfortunately, some of the mains switched servers and others just left and it pretty much ran out of steam. I liked the idea of events.

All things considered, i think youre right. If i CAN find a server that has events, cool, but PVE-C is the best compromise. I at least want to be able to progress

Tough luck buddy. Im looling for the same thing. The problem is, almost any and all PvE-C servers want to have some kind of raiding mechanic. So you WILL get raided, just as you get your base finally set up and have t4 thralls.

Pure PVE has no room for arena or gladiator events, and once they go PvE-C, they basically just turn into PvP servers, with restricted raid times or raid prep warnings.

Best server ive seen is called “Empire RP 18+”. Its a PvE-C server, but they allow scheduled Raids on your base. You MUST be notified so no offline raids. However, there are 2 big PvP clans that just run aroilund the map killing literally anyone they see because their characters are “evil”. Basocally a bunch of PvP trolls in a PvE-C server.

Its why i personally left it, but for the PvE-C content its the best server youll ever find. Mod staff is amazing and the admin built towns and ships are beautiful. Go check em out if ya wanna try it.

Just look up “Empire” on the servers list to find em, and then go join the discord to register. RP is encouraged but not required. Good Luck.