Looking for an European english speeching guild

Hello, I’m quite new to this game and I’m looking for a guild (I’m playing saga server right now).
I’m from Italy and I’d prefer a english speeching guild (anche italiana andrebbe bene ovviamente) and European time based.

Thanks. See you online!

Welcome to the game. There are quite a number of guilds that may suit…at this stage I will not name as I may miss one that is ideal for you … and to give guilds/recruiters an opportunity to respond directly.
Many of the Saga guilds also have guilds on Crom; some with the same or similar names. Crom is where your character will be moved to on 15 May 2018 when the Saga of Zach server is closed.
What I do suggest is that you play with the names of other players and their guild tags showing … go to interface settings, second tab and check the options to see names and I think details of other players… this will allow you to see what guilds have people playing at the same time as you and if you find their members friendly then you can find out more about them ingame.

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Thank you for your suggestions, i’ll keep in mind :slight_smile: