Looking for players from all platforms input

Currently, on xbox, if you lunge at an npc with your puke it does not knock it back. It dosent even cause damage until hits 3 and 4 of the combo. The npcs just walk down the length of your pike and hit you for a sragger. Another npc joins and its like you are that girl from Night at the Roxbury, being bounced back and forth. Can be staggered and interrupted, cannot apply the same effects, as a player or a thrall.

The npcs agro based on proximity is would appear. This eliminates any sneaking.

The character skin is messy and meshy. The neck seem is back for the 90th time. But only when moving.

Cannot just mantle the apex of a climb, the game kicks your character away from the edge and you fall. Every. Single. Time.

I am courious if all platforms are like this? And why its acceptable for xbox?

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Npc Aggro is range based, not sure is if it weighted for more infront or not, but it is an area check.

Notvstaggering may be a buf, as there is a “cool down” 9n staggee8ng npcs too kuch. Makes it less cheesy, because dagger light would stun lock them for 20+ hits before.

No dmg is poss8bly a bug.

Climbing, yes all platforms have the spring of death when trying to pull over the ledge. Theories are that every time we critique climbing they purposely make it worse on every patch. So we stopped complaining. Not proven :slight_smile:


Staggerong having a cooldown dosent come into play, there is no initial stagger effect to cd from…it just dosent happen…

I know,wh8ch is why say it may be a bug, but tied to the cooldown calc. Just tryng to help.

Thanks for the input!

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spam the climb button as you go over the top of a ledge, works every time.


I thought that was an actual mechanic, just like in real life climbing over the top is often the hardest part.

""wanderlust’’ buff tosses you like 4 times as far…

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not always sometimes you get straight up and then you slide down about 6 foundations. But it is the “best” option roght now

I haven’t looked at the SDK which may tell the complete and correct story but I’m under the impression it’s view-cone + proximity. In some vaults or camps for example I can sneak up behind an NPC (human, animal or monster) to about 3 or 4 meters (1.5 ~ 2 foundation blocks) and stand there undetected for as long as he doesn’t turn his head. Sometimes that’s several minutes.

Aggro seems also to be maintained in this way. Aggro an NPC and then move out of it’s view-cone and it immediately loses aggro. Different NPCs have different view-cone fall-off distances so once it’s looking in your direction you have to either move kind of far away or occlude yourself from their “vision” and then move from that last seen location.

With maintaining aggro there’s also something else going on as well but it’s odd so I’m not sure I’m completely understanding it. But, if I keep the NPC in my own camera view (backing away from them) AND stay inside their view-cone I can kite them for 200 or 300 foundations distance - and sometimes considerable more. If however I turn away from them and run they lose aggro after about 100 to 150 foundations distance. So that’s a bit odd and I’m not sure what it’s implying.

On xbox, you walk around a mountain and the npcs that are inside of a cave inside of the mountain agro through the mountain rerrain itself. Los is not a thing on xbox anymore. Players are barely a thing on xbox. Look at the forum posts for xbox, its just bug reports, there is no other activity to speak of. There just isnt anyone playing anymore, noone interested in the forum. Just a matter of recording time of death now…killed by fc

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Why are players so accepting of broken mechanics and tricks and work arounds for bugs that have existed for years? Why cant it just function properly? Its been years and the same thing is still going on. Xbox has been as i described since the release of ios. Almost 2 yeats now? FC just accepted a bug report about performance issues in march or april, until then they just ignored the state of xbox. Since accepting the bug report, there has been no mention of it again. Xbox is going nowhere, fast!

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Maybe true but i believe there is a “chain” aggro. Sometimes you can aggro 1 , and yhe entire camp comes regardless of area and view.

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Yeah, that’s true both ways. I mean damaging one of an NPC group from beyond the default un-aggro’d view-cone distance… and, our thralls aggroing out of their specified ranges if one goes into attack mode.

Hehe, it’s almost like they stick up for each other (within a certain range of each other). :wink:

  • Also, I wouldn’t imagine it was any different on Xbox than it is on PC.

Don’t need to even spam it. Just hold the button down.


Most of the time… Most…

sigh knew I should have put down a bed roll…

I rarely knock back 1st hit anymore. You figure “SUPRISE!” but no… PC and Ps4.

As for Argo range… You can sorta sneak up out of view on some of them. Pretty sure they have some magic cue (lets pretend sounds) that cause them to trigger.

Some place at night you can clearly be very close. And some in same spot during day they see you.
And some spots… they all just argo and yell, causing everyone to come rushing.

Its seems very close across both PC/Ps4. Really only difference I note is draw distance and character textures. I play both versions actively.
Ps4 has Texure pop in, (Playing via SSD on my ps4) (its there on normal HDD as well)

Draw distance, the Volcano, on ps4 is floating in back drop across several spots in exile lands.
On PC, its able to load LOD’s for Mountains in alot of spots blocking it.

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