Looking for PVP private server that has structure damage only set to the weekends (PC)

Title pretty much sums it up, Wanting to find out if any one knows of a server with fairly standard rates but instead of daily structure damage times, I am looking for one that only has structure damage on weekends, I work a full time job and so don’t get to play much, if at all during weekdays. I know some people will say “gooo PvE scrub nyuk nyuk hue hue” But no thank you, I much prefer PvP and I would play more if I could but I can’t, when I do play I want to play PvP but problem is I just don’t have the time to prepare for daily structure damage during the week.

I have looked through server lists but I couldnt actually find one that didnt have weekday structure damage time. Seems they may be rare to find so I figured I would try asking here.

I am also surprised that more people don’t have similiar requests, I’d imagine there are many working people who play conan PvP whose week life doesnt support defending a base everyday. So if anyone knows of a server to fit what I am looking for please please please send me the name and such, It would be greatly appreciated.


The server I play on may have what you are looking for. It’s a fun and mature community. Daily base repair isn’t an issue and there are plenty of opportunities to murder and destroy when you do have time to play. Below is the server info. Give it a try, I know you wont regret it. Ill join up with you as well if you needed to gear up faster or someone to watch your back.

Dathomir Community has a fresh new PVP server! Join now and claim your lands! Server uses The Age of Calamitous and PIPPI mods. Great RP opportunities (RP not required)
Server Name: Dathomir PVP Server.AoC/Pippi mods
Direct Connect:
VAC Enabled
Items drop on death
Building damage from 1800 to 2359 EDT
No avatars
Harvest: 3X

  1. The Age of Calamitous
  2. PIPPI
  3. Pickup+
  4. Better Thralls
    Discord: https://discord.gg/TNGgDu8
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This sounds exactly what I am looking for thanks man,

I have a few buddies who are also looking to get into the game but we all work during the week so having a server like this is perfect. Really appreciate the response and the offer to help start up. Don’t worry about giving away gear though, I kind of enjoy the start up grind in conan so I really am not too fused about getting free stuff lol although it is a very kind offer, I would be keen to meet up on the server though as potential ally’s, it’s always nice meeting helpful folks such as yourself ;).

I will be checking the server out this weekend and hopefully will manage to bump into each other. My Player name usually has the word Hobo in it and steam name is WiseHobo. So if you find a friendly hobo wandering around that will likely be me :smiley:

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Hi there, our server is PVP, with no gods, and weekend only raiding.
We have a very relaxed community. It´s got no mods.
So come join and help bolster the population.

Server is called Exiles Playground CW.

Sounds cool, I will definitely check out that server as well, the more options the better. I do like the idea of a vanilla style private server so I’ll swing by sometime this weekend and see how things feel, I’ll probably try a few servers and see which one I’m feeling more so that when my homies join up I can get them going on the server that will suite us best.

Really appreciate the response and suggestion man and Maybe I’ll bump into you this weekend.

We dont have weekend damages but we have serious, strict rules around raiding and building damage etc. Take a look if you like :slight_smile:

New Lordore RP PvP

Come and join our new, but populated server. If you aren’t happy with the drag of Officials, are looking to dive into something different with helpful rules and active friendly admins, this is the place for you. Once players who felt Officials were too harsh and intense but still loved PvP, we decided to create our own server that is fun and extensive.

Please feel free to join our discord for more information including Kingdoms, Roleplay and mod info. Speak with our friendly community and get stuck in.

(please be aware that we have a whitelisting system in place to protect our players)