Looking for way to create player-usable shops and merchants

I tried out a lot of mods in order to find a sensible way to create a shop. I want shops that can sell stuff to my players on my server. I am not interested in player-only merchants.

Tried out Dark Desires but alas no docs are available and no help was offered in discord either. Tried out Immersive RP but nothing seemed to work.

Any way do it? I have done it before, I just cant remember how :slight_smile:

Isn’t this something you can do with pippi?

Yup! Pippi works. You can go to the Pippi settings -> Economy tab -> bottom right “Thespian Settings” enable Allow Social Merchants (for one option)".

Then ‘add’ a profession -> enter name for profession -> add items.

Make Thespian -> Make him a profession -> Give him the profession you made.

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Thank you :slight_smile: