Loosing my structers while building

So I have an issue I’m using admin to build and I start making progress and I lay something down in wrong place when go to destroy it using Shift+CTRL+Del it will some times destroy half if not everything I built. So I end up having to start all over. This is very annoying and frustrating. What am I doing wrong?

Everything snaps in to place but when lay down something wrong place and go to remove it not only is it that piece that disappears but it takes whole building with it almost.

Also im stuck on this build because one stupid thing wont snap in to place no matter what I do. It should snap right in. It just flat out refusing to snap. Im starting to get really frustrated with this game. This game been out long enough shouldn’t have these kinds of issues.

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You can shrink your character when you create it. Then this won’t be a problem. If you created a tall character, then your only option is to crouch when going through doors.

This is your problem, you use the mass delete. Use shift+del and you will be fine.

About something not snapping it depends what and where. For example, if you want to snap stairs to a doorframe you need to remove the door first. If you hate the vanilla building system so much, get on a private server/sp game with Less Building Placement Restrictions mod.

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Have a look at this thread, someone else had the same problem of being too tall for doorways.

Narelle already pointed out that the problem is that you use Ctrl+Shift+Del instead of Shift+Del. I wanted to explain the differences between them and how they behave in general.

Both of these hotkeys perform an action that depends on what your reticle is pointing at.

Common Behavior

Everything in this section applies both to Shift+Del and Ctrl+Shift+Del hotkeys.

If your reticle is pointing at a building piece or a placeable, that piece or placeable will be destroyed. As a result, this can alter the stability graph, so other pieces or placeables might lose stability and end up being destroyed.

If your reticle is pointing at an NPC (human or otherwise) or a follower, that NPC or follower will be killed.

Ctrl+Shift+Del Behavior

Everything in this section applies only to Ctrl+Shift+Del.

If your reticle is pointing at the terrain, the game will destroy all building pieces and placeables within a certain radius of the point at which your reticle was pointing. It will also kill all NPCs and followers within that radius.


There are certain things you need to keep in mind to avoid accidents with these hotkeys:

  • The reticle is misleading and inaccurate in third person. If you’re destroying things, it’s best to do it in first-person view.
  • If you’re very close to what you wish to destroy, the game will destroy whatever your reticle is pointing to behind that thing. In other words, keep some distance from things you’re trying to destroy.
  • Both of these hotkeys have a range. If you’re outside that range, even though you’re pointing at something, it won’t get destroyed.

I hope this helps avoid future frustration.

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