Loot, ai aggression, crafting tweaks, combat improvement

Hi there!
I played this game solo for like seven hours now and I’d like to suggest some things which would, imo, improve the game generally. I cannot say anything for the multiplayer part except I am not looking forward to play it. The idea of logging off giving other players a free opportunity to wreck my s**t while I cannot protect it is a major flaw in the core elements of every multiplayer survival game imo. I believe one cannot expect from the player to invest a ridiculously high amount of their time in one game, just to protect their stuff from other players. But, yeah, what do I know? I don’t play multiplayer.

Looting enemies, human NPCs: You should be able to pick up their weapons and armor and not depend on some random rng . If raiding and killing other clans is such a big deal in this game, why can’t we just take the weapons of fallen enemies?

AI aggression: The ai feels like it was taken from early 2000s games in which moments appear I lovely call “Hello I am player one, please end your fight with each other and only attack me, please”. What I mean is that everytime I encounter NPCs fighting each other, they immediately stop their fight and chase me instead when they spot me. It is ridiculous. The whole world joins the fight against the player, just like that, for no logical reason. The player must have a mystical aura which encourages the NPC’s aggression of some sort, and this is just weird and doesn’t feel right. Just update the aggro preference in some way that the player is not automatically enemy #1 in the eyes of the NPCs.

Crafting tweaks: Like in many other threads already mentioned some items are way too expensive. E.g. Why do I have to invest 20 hides for a light chest padding and then invest a relatively high amount of other materials again for a set part? I understand the high amount for the latter, but for a simple padding? It’s the basic of the basics of making clothes/armor, that shouldn’t be so expensive. half of the requirements should suffice imo.

I cannot understand why I have to be level 25 to unlock the ability to craft basic bandages. It feels so wrong. Again, these kind of bandages are the basics of basics in survival, this should be an early unlock, for like level 10 or so.

Also it would be cool, if there is a button or menu when you right click on a material to show which things can be crafted with it, so you don’t always have to search for the crafted item on the right side of the inventory.

Combat improvement: I mean, the Conan stories are known for their brutal battles, right? The combat in this game is too basic. It may have a solid foundation now, but it obviously needs some proper skillsystem for the different weapon classes.

To survival games in general: For me “survival” doesn’t automatically equal “difficult” or “grindy”. It is more about finding out how things work to ensure survival. That also means you can take what you see (in reference to the loot mechanic). Slaughtering like 40 or 50 animals to craft a single piece of light or medium armor without any significant or special feats is just ludicrous, especially when you die and you are currently not able to loot your own body for several reasons (like body just disappeared), so that you again have to grind half an hour or more (depending where you are on the map) to craft one or two set pieces.

I hope you look into it. One thing I really like about this game is the early implementation of the workshop. Though theoretically, my ideas could be realized as community mods, I still think they should be in the vannila version of the game.

+1, agree with everything said.

Pretty much.

Modders advance things far faster than the actual developers, for some reason… but still, this game’s devkit is pretty bad with the way it handles mods, and there’s lots of things modders can’t do.

Still, this mod solves the problem with looting NPCs: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1183199682

May get you some overpowered equipment for your level though, and there’s no way to tweak it, but it lives up to its name. (also check out their immersive salvaging mod, as that’s not even in the base game either).

There used to be an option to reduce crafting requirements, but it’s been broken for over a year now… the only way to change it is again with mods, and most are broken. I’ve started making one, but it’s very small right now and it’s a time investment with playing the game and opinionated about what the rates should be in comparison to how easily the materials are gathered… then the harvest multiplier setting whacks everything… it’s not a good thing and they need to fix that damn option.

Regardless, the game still feels early access, especially the combat system (so many problems with it it’s baffling how this isn’t beta). 1.5 months after official release and all they’ve done is add cosmetic DLC really. Very sad.

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Here’s the thing about crafting. The early game is suppose to be rough. As you advance in level gaining materials is ridiculously easy and material requirements drop by half once you’ve gotten some tier 4 crafting thralls. And as you’re playing solo you can set up “recruitment” centers outside of major thrall settlements to farm thralls

AS for the bandages you get access to the aloe potion, ambrosia, and Purified Flesh all earlier. The only thing the bandages have over the aloe or ambrosia is weight.

And yeah combat is basic and the dream is for it to feel like God of War (2018) but with Souls-esque stamina management.

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