Lore wise. Best fitting race for each religion?

For lore purposes. What races do you guys think fits each religion? For example, the Yog religion would be the Pict race’s primary choice?

Darfari are the only people worshipping Yog openly. There is also a shemitish tribe called Zuagirs. In the stygian pantheon, Yog is known as a demon, who is fed by Set with the souls of the damned.

I think Picts also fit but I would not consider them the first choice.

Religions in Hyboria are often geographically centered, but not always exclusive to a region. Nor are they always mutually exclusive, the common man might well pray to many different gods depending on what they’re doing at a given time.

Ymir - the Vanir and Aesir (Nordheimers). No-brainer that one.
Mitra - Hyborians (Mitra is widely worshipped). Particularly Aquilonians (who are not a race as such in-game).
Yog - the Darfari (the Picts are not, I believe, Yoggites? Though they might well be part-time cannibals, so it’s a toss-up whether that counts)
Derketo - Shemites (also worshipped in Stygia and elsewhere, nearly everyone has a god of death and/or fertility)
Set - the Stygians would be the natural choice there, kinda goes without saying
Jhebbal Sag - Picts, like many of the gods Old Saggy is master of an aspect of life, and most peoples would come into contact with that at some point, so not really a geographically local god as such
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